3 Tips: How To Solve Squirrel Problems

3 Tips: How To Solve Squirrel Problems

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How to Get Rid of Squirrels

Are you one of the many Ohio homeowners or commercial property owners who are wondering how to solve squirrel problems?

Whether they’re munching on your beloved blueberry bush or leaving droppings in your home, squirrels can be quite the inconvenience. Both inside the home and out, they can destroy property and pose health risks. 

Having squirrels on your property can be dangerous, and if you try to remove them the wrong way, you can actually cause more health risks. Certain chemicals may be harmful to humans or other animals. Plus, some removal techniques can get expensive. 

Not to worry, though. There are cheap, humane ways to deal with and solve squirrel problems. Read on for tips on how to get rid of squirrels in your yard, home or business property.

How to Identify a Squirrel Problem

The first step in solving a squirrel problem is knowing you have one. They can often be confused for other rodents like rats or mice, especially if the infestation is in the home or attic. Here are some ways to distinguish between them.

Feces is commonly found along entryways, attics, and garages. If you’re not a professional, squirrel feces can be hard to distinguish from those of other rodents. It can also be dangerous to remove them yourself. 

A squirrel problem on your porch or in your home will often cause property damage, which can be annoying at best and extremely dangerous at worst. Gnaw marks on furniture and walls are a nuisance, but the real danger comes with wire chewing. When squirrels chew on electrical cables, they can cause fires and other damage

Scratching sounds are also a good indication of squirrels. Careful though, because this could be easily mistaken for other rodents.

Garden damage, like missing or damaged flowers or produce, is another indicator of a squirrel problem in your garden. A big one is food missing from your bird feeder. Squirrels love to steal fruit and nuts, and if you notice this along with other signs, it’s probably squirrels.

How to Get Rid of Squirrels: 3 Methods

If feces are the main distinguishing factor, professional intervention is likely needed for cleanup. The health risks feces pose are best addressed by professionals. With that in mind, here are three safe deterrent methods for ridding your yard and home of squirrels.

1. Remove Food Sources

Bird feeders are quite attractive for squirrels. By removing these and other food sources, you greatly decrease the chance of squirrels coming to your yard. 

Also, identify where squirrels are entering your home (often indicated by chew marks). Remove any nearby food sources.

2. Non-Toxic Repellents

By using natural repellents such as spices, you can keep squirrels away from unwanted areas in your yard or home. Squirrels are often deterred by spicy ingredients, so cayenne or chili powder are good choices. Also effective is hot sauce mixed with water.

3. Block Off Entryways or Access Points

Popular outdoor attractions for squirrels include bird feeders and garden vegetation. Bird feeder covers and netting or wire fences for gardens will act as deterrents.

A common entryway into the home is through the chimney, so blocking it off with wire mesh (one a squirrel cannot chew through) is effective. Also, ensure that there are no crawlspaces or other points of access through which the rodents can enter.

Solve Squirrel Problems with Control and Prevention

Want to stop squirrels from returning to your home? One-way exclusion tunnels are quite effective for squirrel removal. Check out our Ohio squirrel removal and control services for timely and professional service, and other advice on how to get rid of squirrels and solve squirrel problems once and for all.