5 Ways To Keep Deer Out of Your Garden

5 Ways To Keep Deer Out of Your Garden

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How To Keep Deer Out of Your Garden

Most people enjoy seeing deer in nearby forests and meadows, but when the creatures appear in your garden, they usually get a less than welcome response. For gardeners who prefer the deer not to feed on their flowers, plants, trees and shrubs, here are five ideas to encourage deer to return to their natural foods.

Plant Edibles

For gardeners who enjoy seeing deer in their yard but not in their garden, planting a variety of deer foods they love outside the garden helps distract the animals. While the deer nibble on plants from the areas they’re supposed to eat in, they might still head for the garden, so include additional deer-resistant measures for the most effectiveness.

Interplant with Bulbs

Deer and much other wildlife find flower bulbs to provide a welcome feast. Deer show up to eat the tender shoots that appear when the bulbs first start growing in the spring. Consider planting daffodils or alliums among their favorite bulbs to keep them away.

Choose Foods They Dislike

Deer dislike early spring-blooming plants such as lavender. In the summer, deer stay away from cosmos, bachelor’s buttons, and yarrow and sunflowers. Deer also tend to keep far away from buttercup and ginger as well as herbs, including marjoram, mint and oregano. Ornamental onion and garlic also seem to lack appeal for deer.

Deer love to nibble new leaves and the growth on trees, so planting trees they dislike helps keep them out of the garden. Consider planting American holly, Alberta spruce, river birch and red pine. Deer also stay away from pitch pine, pawpaw and paper birch trees. Various shrubs also lack appeal for deer, including bayberry, butterfly bush, boxwood, heather and juniper. Plant these shrubs together to create a barrier that acts as another defense to keep deer out of the garden.

5 Ways To Keep Deer Out of Your Garden

Use Repellants

Sprinklers not only help water the garden, but they also keep deer out. Another trick includes sprinkling chili powder in the holes used to plant bulbs. Put chili powder on top of the bulb to keep deer away in the fall when they feed up in preparation for winter. For areas of the garden with newly emerging spring growth, spraying the area with something that tastes nasty also helps keep deer away. These natural repellants are sold in gardening stores or check with a local extension agency to find a legal, safe spray.

Erect Fences

Since deer seem afraid to walk on fencing, consider creating a wood pile between rows or along the garden’s perimeter. Next, lay fencing wire with large mesh on top of these piles to form a barrier for the deer. Regular fencing at least 7 feet high helps keep deer out of the garden.

Need Help With a Wildlife Animal on Your Property?

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