Why we shouldn’t be afraid of the nocturnal animals

Many people have a fear of bats. Movies and literature paint them out to be these horrible creatures that spread disease and wreak havoc on our homes. However, bats are actually nothing to be fearful of and are very important to the stability of the ecosystem. In Ohio, there are around 14 species of bats that can be found. Every one of the 14 different species are insectivores, meaning they eat nothing but insects, helping to keep the insects at bay.

A bat was captured recently in an Ohio county that tested positive for the rabies virus. The health department is urging people to make sure that their pets are vaccinated against the virus. Rabies can be spread from animals to humans via a deep scratch or a bite. Rabies can be managed but can become fatal if not attended to quickly.

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Ohio’s beautiful bats: Don’t fear them

If you keep your lookout sharp and are outside at the right times, you may even encounter one of our state’s most specialized creatures. They are the planet’s only mammal capable of flight, they hunt using sound and, despite being barely larger than a mouse, can live up to four decades. This amazing animal is the bat.

There are 14 species of bats here in Ohio that come in a wide variety of shapes, colors, and sizes, but they all have a lot in common. Every one of our bat species are insectivores, meaning they exclusively consume insects. Learn more

Summary: Bats are native to much of the United States and Ohio is no exception. There are 14 different species of bats living in Ohio and they are crucial to the local ecosystem.

Rabies found in bat

A bat collected Wednesday in Belmont County tested positive for rabies.

The Belmont County General Health District was notified Thursday by the Ohio Department of Health Laboratory that a bat collected in the village of Bellaire had tested positive for rabies.

The health district advises that every pet owner should be sure to get pets vaccinated for rabies and take other steps to prevent getting bitten by a bat or any other wild animal. Read more

Summary: A bat tested positive for the rabies virus recently in Ohio. The rabies virus can be fatal if not taken care of immediately upon showing symptoms. The virus transmits from animals to humans via a deep scratch or a bite.

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