Bird Feeders To Keep Squirrels Out

Bird Feeders To Keep Squirrels Out

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What Bird Feeders Will Keep Squirrels Away From Eating Seeds?

Are you a bird watcher? Do you talk to the birds in your backyard? If so, trust us; you are in no way alone. Many people find talking to birds very relaxing, while some even make bird sounds with their hands cupped around their mouths. You would be surprised to know that birds actually do respond with their own sounds.

If you are still reading this, you are most likely a bird watcher, speak to them or you enjoy watching them in your backyard in your decorative bird feeder. If the latter is true, you are wondering how to keep squirrels out of your bird feeder.

This article aims to help you.

First, let us ease your mind and say that there are ways to squirrel-proof your bird feeder. So sit back, enjoy reading and hope you find a way that best suits you to keep squirrels out of your bird feeders.

What Birdseed Do Squirrels Not Like?

Squirrels are less likely to eat the birdseed that has a pungent bitter taste. Safflower seed and nyjer are two common seeds that squirrels are generally not fond of. Capsaicin-coated bird feed products and suets are also an option as well as mixing some cayenne pepper into your existing bird seed.

Recommended Bird Feeder Types To Keep Squirrels Out

The Pole

First, let us start with the pole. Two types help keep squirrels from climbing up them. The first, the Squirrel Stopper Pole, has an attached spring-loaded baffle that stops squirrels from getting up past it.

If you already have an existing pole, you can squirrel-proof that by attaching smooth plastic or metal baffles. There are currently two types, a torpedo baffle and a wrap-around baffle. Both are designed to stop the squirrel from getting passed them. Some may tilt and twirl so as to keep the squirrel off balance as well.

Bird Feeders To Keep Squirrels Out, baffles

Bird Feeders With Spinners

Start by attaching a wire from one tree to another and hand the bird feeder centered in between. Ensure enough room so the squirrel cannot jump from the tree onto the bird feeder.

String the wire with spinners as you hang the bird feeder down from the horizontal wire between the two trees. This stops the squirrels from crossing them because as they spin and tip over, so will the squirrels. Spinners can be made of plastic bottles, thread spools and short piping.

Recommended Squirrel Proof Bird Feeders

After gathering reviews from various platforms, we have listed a few common bird feeders that people have recommended.

1. Yankee Flipper Feeder

A squirrel-proof bird feeder that uses motion to send squirrels away. The movement is activated by weight. As a bird lands with little weight, nothing happens. However, when a squirrel does, because it weighs more, the feeder moves, throwing the squirrel off balance.

2. Droll Yankees Domed Cage and Double Suet Feeder

These types of squirrel-proof bird feeders are the traditional ones. A cage surrounds the tube feeder so only small birds can access the seeds.

With the Double Suet feeder, suet cakes are used instead of loose seeds.

Bird Feeders To Keep Squirrels Out, suet feeder

3. Woodlink Absolute II Squirrel Resistant Feeder

Like the Yankee Flipper feeder, this works on the principle of weight. A spring-activated perch will activate when a heavy squirrel lands on it. A metal shield will close, cutting off the squirrel’s access to the seeds.

For Success Be Sure To Follow The Rules

Because of a squirrel’s ability to jump, place your feeder more than five feet up off the ground, more than seven feet across a building or tree, and down nine feet from an overhang.

Get Additional Help To Keep Those Annoying Squirrels Away

Have the squirrels gotten into your garage and or attic? If so, do you know the damage they can do? Are you also aware of the diseases they can bring with them? Do not put your family and guests at risk. Instead, call a professional wildlife removal company to safely and humanely remove them. Contact The Critter Detective Today.