Blome Road Bridge

The 1888 pin-connected Pratt thru truss bridge was designed by engineer William H. Harrison and made by the Queen City Bridge Company of Cincinnati. It is an early and total example of its type/design that reflects the work of a local contractor prior to the period of standardization. The bridge has details that are not common to other home builders, including the floorbeam wall mount information and the pipeline railing information with cast-iron pieces (Criterion C). Indian Hill Ohio Information.

In Ohio, there are 185 Pratt trusses dating from ca. 1874 to 1945 with at least 60 dating prior to 1900 (Phase 1A, 2008). The technologically significant unaltered examples of pin-connected Pratt trusses for the most part date prior to 1900 and have recorded or attributed contractors and dates of building and/or significant connection or member information. Later post-1900 examples are less technologically considerable. Substantial unaltered examples of riveted-connected Pratt trusses date from ca. 1900 to 1915.

William H. Harrison, the bridge’s engineer, was Cincinnati’s City Engineer from ca. 1872-1889. He was likewise for some time the primary engineer of the Queen City Bridge Company, and he located and oversaw the construction of some areas of the Cincinnati & Eastern Railway. He died in April 1889.

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