Blue Ash OH Wildlife Removal, Exclusion, Cleanups

Blue Ash OH Wildlife Removal, Exclusion, Cleanups

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Blue Ash OH Wildlife Removal, Exclusion, Cleanups: Critter Detective

Are you struggling with wildlife control in the area of Blue Ash Ohio? 

Wildlife can cause more serious damage than you think, affecting the foundation, yard, power lines, and other vulnerable spots. To make matters worse, most homeowners insurance does not cover wildlife damage to your property.

Contact Critter Detective for Blue Ash, OH wildlife control to humanely remove, prevent, and cleanup damage caused by destructive wildlife. Read more about our professional wildlife services and preventative maintenance for your peace of mind.

Our Wildlife Removal Services

Critter Detective has an expert team for every step of successful wildlife animal control: removal, control, and prevention. We provide full-service Blue Ash, OH animal removal for the following wildlife animals:

All of these animals can be a nuisance if they wander too close to your area. You can contact us for a preventative plan to keep these wildlife animals from settling down on your property.

Why Use Our Wildlife Removal Services?

Depending on the animals, you may face structural damage to your home, clog air vents, and even live on your garden plants. These animals will alter and damage your home to create a better habitat for themselves.

Our wildlife removal services are your safest option in addressing these issues. You can remove wildlife yourself, but this can be a risky process. Some wildlife animals carry serious diseases and may even become aggressive when confronted. 

Not only that, removal is only one step in the animal control process. If you remove wildlife with a team of professionals, you also run the risk of removal without proper preventative measures. Some animals can easily navigate back to your house or move to other areas of your property.

It’s important to contact wildlife removal services before the damage becomes a serious issue. Once you notice signs of wildlife on your property, Critter Detective can address the problem quickly and prevent more expensive damage that may be difficult to fix.

Our Wildlife Clean Up and Repair Services

Critter Detective will clean up and repair wildlife damage. We offer the following clean up and repair services:

Dead Animal Removal

Dead animals need to be handled carefully as their bodies can carry contagious diseases. We can remove dead wildlife and sanitize the area properly for your safety.

Attic Restoration

Wildlife animals often flock to attics, causing damage to the surrounding walls and insulation. Our team will remove animal waste, odors, and nesting materials to eliminate any health hazards. We also provide full insulation replacement for your attic.

Guano Clean Up

Bats release feces, known as guano, that hold various fungi, bacteria, and viruses. To properly clean areas with guano, our team removes the guano and sanitizes using a special enzyme-based cleaner.

Wildlife Exclusion

Wildlife exclusion is a necessary step in removing wildlife from small spaces. After ensuring that no baby animals are in the area, we place special one-way doors and tunnels to prevent wildlife from returning to the area.

Feces Removal and Decontamination

Animal feces can contain bacteria, parasites, and other potentially toxic elements. Our team can safely inspect the area and remove any wildlife feces.

Contact Us Today for Blue Ash, OH Wildlife Control Services

At Critter Detective, we offer solution-based wildlife services to protect your household using safe and effective methods. With over fifteen years of experience, our trained team can assess your unique situation to curate your individualized action and prevention plan.

Critter Detective offers full-service solutions for Blue Ash, OH wildlife control. Book an appointment with us to solve your wildlife animal issues today.