Do squirrels damage attic insulation?

Are you hearing scratching, hurrying, as well as odd sounds coming from your attic? You’re not going nuts, yet there could be some in your attic room. Indian Hill Squirrel Removal can help you detect and solve this issue, so don’t hesitate to call us today!

The Dangers Squirrels Pose

Still on the squirrels’ side? Think you might be okay with leasing out your attic room to these animals lease cost-free? Well here are some methods they are presenting dangers to your house as well as health and wellbeing, we hope this modifications your mind.

Electrical wiring

There are great deals of vital cords in your attic that squirrels will like to eat on. Like any kind of various other rodents, their front teeth are constantly growing as well as they are seeking challenge grind them down. This suggests trouble for your electrical wiring, house siding, as well as wood. Squirrels eating on your cables can even trigger a fire in your attic room.

Nibbling on your house siding, or chewing holes around the exterior of the attic. The longer that squirrels live in your attic the more holes they will eat.


You recognize all that cosy pink things in your attic? It’s actually vital! The insulation in your attic is crucial in temperature level law in your house. It helps obstruct warmth from entering throughout the warmer months, as well as holds heat in during the chillier months. This saves you cash on energy costs and also maintains you feeling extra comfortable in your house. If squirrels enter your attic room they will certainly pee and also excrete on your insulation destroying it and requiring it to be replaced.

Odors as well as Eyesores

It might come as a surprise, however generous urination and also defecation building up in your attic and being soaked up by your insulation does not smell excellent! Your home will scent like squirrel excrement, and they will leave discolorations throughout your attic floor which can be extremely expensive to tidy. Squirrels can also obtain trapped or fall into your wall surfaces and also pass away, which will certainly additionally create a horrible scent in your home.


Decomposing squirrel bodies, or decomposing waste matter can trigger lots of health hazards to your household. Squirrel droppings can create salmonella, as well as decaying pets can spread out condition and also urge problem of even more repulsive pests.

Exactly how and also Why They Intended to Enter

Your house is terrific, that’s why you chose to live there, so it needs to come as not a surprise that animals are attempting to break in. Yet what are they truly utilizing your home for?

Your attic room is a great location for squirrels to duplicate. They have litters of infants two times a year, and also need a nice protected location to nest.

Squirrels typically enter your attic through:

· Seamless gutters

· Building and construction spaces

· Eating through weak locations

· Vents

· Roof covering sides

· Plumbing floor coverings

· Smokeshafts

Exactly How to Eliminate Them

There are numerous ways to eliminate squirrels. One of the most gentle means to do so would be record them in squirrel traps and then move them to a location away from your home. Trapping, as well as eliminating squirrels from your attic room can be a scary as well as complicated job, so it is best to just place your problem in the hands of a parasite control business.

You can expect us to care for your issue in a humane as well as effective method. We will certainly walk you with our process and cover any type of damages parasites do to our job.

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