Chateau Laroche

Château Laroche, likewise known as the Loveland Castle, is a museum on the banks of the Little Miami River north of Loveland, Ohio, United States. A recklessness of a historical European castle, building started in the 1920s by Boy Scout troop leader, World War I veteran, and medievalist Harry D. Andrews. He developed the castle on advertising plots of land that were obtained by paying for 1 year memberships to The Cincinnati Enquirer.  Andrews named his castle after a military hospital in the Chateau La Roche in southwest France where he was stationed throughout the First World War.  Its name suggests “Rock Castle” in French. Loveland Ohio Information.

For over fifty years, Andrews worked on his castle job. He pulled stones from the neighboring Little Miami River, and when that supply was tired, molded bricks with cement and quart milk cartons.

When Andrews died in 1981, he willed the castle to his Boy Scout troop the Knights of the Golden Trail (KOGT). The Castle has actually been thoroughly updated and renovated in the years since Andrews’ death and has been primarily completed by the KOGT. The walls of the upstairs chapel function many stones brought back by Andrews in his world travels and others sent out to him from foreign locations by his pals and fans.

Tales of the castle being haunted– typically coming from Chateau Laroche’s own volunteer knights– have actually been reported over the years.

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