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Attic Restoration

When bats or raccoons have entered your attic, damage is almost immediate. Attic insulation is smashed and matted down as raccoons walk around creating the perfect den, as well as urine & feces (guano in the case of bats) is spread all over as they designate areas for a latrine and the entry hole is an open door to the elements which can create mold damage from moisture entering the area.

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Decontamination and Sanitizing

Bat droppings can harbor Histoplasma capsulatum spores, which can cause the disease known as histoplasmosis, similar to the flu, or in more extreme cases, tuberculosis. The fungus causing histoplasmosis grows best in conditions where there has been an accumulation of droppings for at least three years. Similarly raccoon feces can have raccoon roundworm parasites that can be fatal if their microscopic, sticky eggs are ingested.


Wildlife Exclusion

Once the animal removal process is complete, we offer guaranteed wildlife exclusion services to ensure animals can not enter the structure in the future. We only use animal proof materials to ensure that they can not tear right back through the home, which is common when using common building materials to repair and hole wildlife entry points. 

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Dead animal removal

Not all animals that we encounter are live. In many situations, we are called to remove dead skunks under concrete slabs, dead squirrels & mice in walls, dead animals in the basement & crawl space, animals that have died in window well and also animals that just happen to die in a backyard. In all scenarios, we safely dispose of the animal carcass and sanitize the area to kill any bacteria and germs left behind. 

Feces removal

As mentioned above, raccoon feces can be toxic with the parasites that they can excrete in their droppings. All wildlife feces should be avoided as they all contain bacteria and parasites that can make humans and pets both very sick if ingested. We disinfect and sanitize the area after removing feces to minimize the risk of contamination or exposure. 

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Guano cleanup

Guano removal is always best left to professionals that have experience in the process. Bat guano can be a tremendous health hazard so important steps must be followed to insure safe removal and disposal. One of the biggest mistakes is people seeing bat droppings and sweeping them up. This creates a major issue as this is how the spores in the guano are inhaled and ingested.

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