Attic Damage, Clean Up, and Repair

When bats, raccoons, squirrels, and other wildlife animals enter attics, the damage is almost immediate and can become severe.

Attic restoration is the process of cleaning animal waste, repairing damage, and bringing the attic back to its original condition.

Wildlife animal feces and urine left behind pose a high risk of disease. When inhaled or injected, the risk of the diseases like Leptospirosis, raccoon roundworm, Cryptosporidiosis, and more become high. Their urine & feces (guano in bats) are spread around as they designate areas for a latrine.

Feces and urine can also cause moisture that will promote mold growth. Mold puts harmful spores in the air that cause Histoplasmosis, a severe lung infection.

Any odors need to be removed. Even if the property owner does not smell anything, animals have a keen sense of smell and will seek out the space. One type of animal’s scent may even attract another type; for example, a rodent’s smell in the attic will attract snakes.

Nesting materials must be removed, cleaned, and sanitized. They are a place that harbors fleas, mites, and parasites.

Attic insulation can get matted down, torn, and ruined as these animals create warmth for their perfect den. They also may be filled with feces and urine. In these cases, a full insulation replacement will be needed.

The entry hole opens the door to the elements, creating mold from moisture entering the area.

Attic Restoration Cost

How much does attic restoration cost? There is no way to have an immediate answer. Since many factors need to be considered as to the level of damage. A full detailed inspection needs to be done.

attic restoration

Attic Restoration, Why You Need Help

If your attic has been damaged due to unwanted wildlife critters, it is critical to get it cleaned up, decontaminated, and sanitized as soon as possible. These wildlife animals leave behind bacteria and fungus that can pose a great risk to a human’s health. Attic restoration can also bring up the value of your home.

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