Feces Can Be Toxic!

Wild animals can leave behind feces and urine that are bio-hazardous waste. The fecal matter can be extremely infectious and exposure can cause sickness from disease and viruses and even death. It poses a considerable amount of health risks.

As mentioned on our raccoon page, raccoon feces can be toxic with the parasites that they can excrete in their droppings.

Like raccoons, all wildlife feces should be avoided as they all contain bacteria and parasites that can make humans and pets very sick if inhaled and ingested. Sometimes it can be fatal.

Safe Removal of Feces

If you have the intent to clean up feces on your own STOP!

As you visually inspect the area affected, if you are not trained in this type of removal, do not do it.

Because of the high health risks at stake by touching, inhaling, and ingesting, feces removal must be done by a professional. A professional who has the right protective equipment.

We mentioned above that feces was a bio-hazardous waste. Because it is, hiring a professional who has the proper and legal means to dispose of bio-hazardous waste is vital.

feces removal

Feces Removal

The Critter Detective is comprised of a team of professionals who have the protective equipment and the legal means to dispose of bio-hazardous waste.

Through training, knowledge, and experience, they can visually inspect and find the areas that cannot be seen and easily accessed. All feces’ traces will be found and removed, while the areas can be cleaned, decontaminated, and sanitized.

Contact the Critter Detective today for your feces removal. We also provide wildlife removal, control, and repair for the damage the wild animals have caused.


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