Guano Poses Severe Health Risks

You have bats! You think you have finally gotten rid of them. But there is a lot more to just removing them.

Did you know bats leave behind guano?

It can be quite a mess as well as pose a considerable health risk. When the dust and fumes are inhaled, and ingested one can become very ill. Various fungi, bacteria and viruses are being spread.  

Guano Clean Up

Guano can sweat bio-hazardous materials all over the insulation, wood, drywall, and even wires making the cleanup extensive.

The bio-hazardous materials must be removed in their entirety and disposed of following the strict bio-hazard disposal guidelines.

To counteract guano excretions, a special enzyme-based cleaner must be used. This enzyme cleaner is engineered to break down the exposed materials to no longer be a danger to humans.

Repair For Guano Damage

Beams, drywall, insulation, and wires may need to be removed entirely and replaced depending on the extent of the guano contamination.

New materials will bring the structures back to their original state. If the repair is not done by an experienced professional, the structures can be unsafe, and the bats can return.

bat guano cleanup

Guano Clean Up, Get It Done Today

The Critter Detective is coming to the rescue! Contact us to safely remove and clean up the guano and provide the necessary repair if needed.


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