Clermont County OH Wildlife Animal Removal, Control

Clermont County OH Wildlife Animal Removal, Control

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Clermont County Ohio Wildlife Animal Removal and Control Services

Are you seeing wildlife animals on your Clermont County OH property that you have not invited? Do you hear the ruffle sounds of feet in your attic? Have you seen a coyote? Are holes being dug in your backyard? If you are experiencing any of these along with an unknown animal destroying your garbage and more, it is crucial to contact a  professional Clermont County Ohio Wildlife Removal and Control company.

Do you think these issues are big deal? Maybe not, but they actually can be and a very big problem for sure. Wildlife animals cause severe damage to your building structures and properties. And while they cause destruction they can be spreading disease which can put you, your family, pets, employees, visitors and others at a great health risk.

The Critter Detective is an A Rated company that is ready to detect and rescue you from the wildlife animals that you see or may think are on your property or in your residential or commercial building.

Our services are top-notch, serving Brown County OH, Butler County OH, Warren County OH, Hamilton County OH, parts of Highland County OH and of course Clermont County OH.

Not only does our company provide the newest in technology wildlife animal removal and control services, but our services also do not end there.

Take a look below at what we can do for you after we remove the uninvited guests from your property.


Are you aware that inhaling and ingesting animal feces, urine, and bat guano can cause disease? Yes, this is so true. For this reason, it is never recommended for property owners to try to remove these wildlife animals on their own.

During the removal, it is vital for the proper protective equipment to be worn. After the removal, it is vital for the necessary cleanup to be done, including decontamination and sanitization of the entire area.

By contacting the Critter Detective, we can assure you will have peace of mind knowing these wildlife animals have been removed and the space they invaded is safe again.

About Our Clermont County OH Wildlife Removal Company

The Critter Detective is a wildlife removal, and control company servicing Clermont, Ohio.

We have developed an excellent reputation with our homeowners and commercial property owners over the many years, and are considered one of the best Ohio wildlife removal and control companies.

Below we bullet-point a few of our strong points.

  • 24-hour emergency wildlife animal removal.
  • A veteran-owned company that continues to implement strong goals and commitments into every service.
  • As a goal-oriented company, the best solutions are a top priority.
  • We are on a mission to always achieve 100% customer satisfaction and even more.
  • Fully licensed and insured and they are up to date.
  • Our team has a combined experience of over fifteen years.
  • We strive to provide peace of mind for all of our customers while we remove and control wildlife, do cleanup and repair from damage, guano cleanup, chimney and attic insulation removal and installation, and restoration services.


Clermont Ohio Wildlife Animals Removed

Below we list the wildlife animals we remove. If you do not see the animal you think may be on your property do not hesitate and contact us as well to see if we can be of help to you.

Clermont County OH Squirrel Removal


Clermont County OH Groundhog Removal


Clermont County OH Skunk Removal


Clermont County OH Raccoon Removal


Clermont County OH Coyote Trapping


Clermont County OH Bat Removal


Clermont County OH Bird Removal


Need Clermont County Ohio Wildlife Removal and Control?

If you have any wildlife animal problems in Clermont County OH, do not hesitate to contact the Critter Detective LLC. Send us an email or give us a call  Contact Us

Clermont County Ohio Towns We Service

Amelia OH, Batavia OH, Bethel OH, Chilo OH, Day Heights OH, Felicity OH, Goshen OH, Loveland OH, Miamiville OH, Moscow OH, Mount Carmel OH, Mount Repose OH, Mulberry OH, Neville OH, New Richmond OH, Newtonsville OH, Owensville OH, Summerside OH, Williamsburg OH, and Withamsville OH.