Covington Northern Kentucky Wildlife Animal Removal

Covington Northern Kentucky Wildlife Animal Removal

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Northern Kentucky Covington Wildlife Animal Removal: Critter Detective

Do you have critters crawling around your property? The pitter-patter in your attic may be more than your imagination.

In Covington, KY, you can find a variety of curious wildlife roaming around. While these animals can be friendly neighbors, you don’t want them living on or even in your home. If you’re sharing space with wildlife, your home is at risk of costly damage.

Critter Detective offers Covington wildlife animal removal for a broad spectrum of wildlife. Keep reading for a full list of our animal removal services.

Squirrel Removal

Those bushy-tailed, wide-eyed squirrels look harmless, but they’re known to cause mischief. Squirrels steal food from bird feeders, chew through wires, and scratch through insulation.

Not convinced? Squirrels like to travel across power lines, which can shut down transformers.

In other words, squirrels are common critters to take seriously, especially when they’re living in your attic. Critter Detective provides squirrel removal, control, and prevention services using humane and effective methods.

Covington Northern Kentucky Wildlife Animal Removal, squirrels

Bat Removal

Bats love a dark, cool shelter, and your attic is a tempting new home for them. You’ll want to prevent these sneaky critters since they can carry and spread dangerous diseases like rabies, Histoplasmosis, and more.

Critter Detective uses bat exclusion to humanely remove and prevent bats. Because bats give birth around Mid-May, we recommend that you request services for late summer so that the young bats are able to fly.

In addition to bat removal and prevention services, we also offer clean-up and repair to remove disease-carrying feces.

Covington Northern Kentucky Wildlife Animal Removal, bat removal

Skunk Removal

Nobody wants to be around a skunk that’s ready to spray, but skunks raise a stink in more ways than one. Skunks rummage through trash, burrow under porches and foundations, and dig up gardens and lawns.

Our Kenton County animal control professionals trap and relocate skunks to humanely remove them from your property. Once the skunks are removed, we place exclusion barriers to prevent any more skunks from coming in.

Covington Northern Kentucky Wildlife Animal Removal, skunk removal

Raccoon Removal

The trash pandas of the wild, raccoons will throw around your trash, steal your garden crops, and damage your roof. Even worse, they’re known to carry rabies.

Raccoons require trapping and active monitoring for safe removal. Critter Detective can safely remove raccoons and use exclusion techniques to prevent them in the future.

Covington Northern Kentucky Wildlife Animal Removal, Raccoon removal

Bird Removal

There are many beautiful birds native to Covington Kentucky. While birds can sing a lovely morning tune, they can also carry parasites, bacteria, fleas, ticks, and the list goes on.

Moreover, birds will cause property damage by nesting around your home.

Critter Detective can remove birds, deter nesting, and clean their highly corrosive fecal matter.

Covington Northern Kentucky Wildlife Animal Removal, bird removal

Groundhog and Coyote Removal

Believe it or not, groundhogs and coyotes are common Kentucky wild animals. Though they’re not often visible, you’ll need critter removal in Northern KY if you see signs that these critters live on your property.

Groundhogs thrive underground, causing major damage to your property. 

Coyotes present serious danger to pets and livestock. Though usually not aggressive to humans, they can attack if you’re threatening their territory.

Both of these wild animals require careful removal and prevention. Critter Detective has the expertise to humanely remove coyotes and groundhogs and keep them away.

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Ready to protect your property from pesky critters? Report your issue to Critter Detective for Covington wildlife animal removal here so that you can live with peace of mind.

Critter Detective services areas throughout Ohio and Northern Kentucky. If you need emergency wildlife removal, call our 24/7 emergency line at 513-802-1626.

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