Why you may be seeing more of the furry creatures

Wildlife officials in Ohio are warning residents as there has been increased reports of coyotes sightings in and around cities. The Ohio Department of Natural Resources issued a statement saying the increase at this time of year is not unusual as the animals are currently in their breeding season. Coyotes can pose threats to pets, especially smaller ones.

The breeding season for coyotes in this region is from December to March. Ohio officials have said that residents will see more and more of these animals throughout those months as they are more active. They are usually not a threat to people, only to small animals. However, to control populations, officials say that hunting of the animals is allowed year-round.

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Coyote Population Growing Around Ohio Cities

Wildlife officials are warning Ohio residents following an increase in the number of reported coyote sightings in urban areas.

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources has issued a statement saying the increase at this time of year is not unusual as the animals are in the middle of a breeding season which lasts from late December until early March. Learn more

Summary: Coyotes are becoming more of a presence in urban areas. Thanks to increased urbanization, the animals have had to adapt their habitats and move closer to humans.

You might see more coyotes the next few months

It’s a sight that will become more common the next few months.

A Grandview Heights woman snapped a photo Sunday afternoon that shows a coyote sitting in her neighbor’s driveway.

The Ohio Division of Natural Resources said you might be spotting more this time of year for several reasons.

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Summary: Ohio residents may be spotting more and more coyotes in the coming months. This is due to the animals being more active because their mating season falls in the winter months.

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