Georgetown OH #1 Wildlife Animal Removal and Control

Georgetown OH #1 Wildlife Animal Removal and Control

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Critter Detective: Georgetown Ohio’s #1 Wildlife Animal Removal

What do Ulysses S. Grant and John Ruthven have in common? They lived in the same home in Georgetown, Ohio at different times in their lives. Ruthven was a well-known wildlife artist and lived in the city for more than half his life. 

This isn’t surprising with the wide range of wildlife in Ohio. No doubt many became the subjects of his paintings. Particularly the various species of birds in the area.

But you may not think the wildlife quite as inspiring, especially if you’ve had a few invade your home. The good news is, if it happens again, you can call one of the best wildlife animal removal companies in the state. Read on to find out who they are and what they do.

The Wildlife of Georgetown Ohio

The most common mammals found in Ohio are the raccoon, Eastern grey squirrel, and the white-tailed deer. Two of the three can wreak havoc if they make your home their own. 

A raccoon’s destructive tendencies can start when they’re looking for a way in. They can tear off ventilators and shingles on the roof to get inside. Once in your attic, they can remove your insulation to make room for their nest.

Squirrels go a step further by chewing their way in. This can cause damage underneath your eaves and your siding. Once inside their chewing can cause even more damage to the structure of your home.

Unfortunately, they’re not the only wildlife you’ll need to look out for:

All can cause damage in and around your home if they gain access. If this occurs, wildlife control company Critter Detective can help.

The Best Wildlife Control in Ohio

Critter Detective provides a wide range of services. These are all geared at removing the animals mentioned above. We remove them as humanely as possible using various techniques including exclusion.

This ensures they make their way out, but they can’t get back in. This helps to control and prevent future invasions. 

Depending on the extent of the damage, you might find yourself with a mess on your hands. We consider this too.

We don’t simply remove the animals. We help with clean-up and repair as well.

If the location of the invasion was in your attic, we’ll remove both living and dead animals, along with feces. This can be the source of many harmful illnesses.

We’ll decontaminate the area. Our attic restoration will have space looking like it did before.

Wildlife Removal at Your Fingertips

You probably once admired Ohio’s wildlife as John Ruthven did. You may still. However, having some species invade your home is never a good experience.

You not only have to worry about the destruction they cause. You also need to think about the diseases their feces carry. It’s important to deal with an invasion as soon as you know you have one.

That means contacting the best wildlife animal removal company in Ohio. Critter Detective’s wildlife removal team has over 15 years of combined experience. We’ll use it to rid your home of unwanted pests. Call us today to schedule an appointment!