Glendower Historic Mansion

Located on a hill ignoring downtown Lebanon, Glendower is one of the finest examples of residential Greek Revival architecture found in Ohio. This historical mansion was erected in 1845 and was offered the name “Glendower” by its original owner, John Milton Williams, to honor the Welsh prince and hero Owen Glendower. Your house has had other renowned owners, most notably Durbin Ward, a distinguished lawyer, statesman and Civil War general. Warren County Information.

The mansion’s exterior functions include Ionic and Doric columns, timeless carved cornices and porticoes and a hipped roof with a captain’s walk. The magnificent interior provides a natural setting for lots of classy Empire and Victorian home furnishings from Warren County’s past.

In 1940, Glendower ended up being the very first house of the Warren County Historical Society, which is now located in Harmon Hall, a block and a half from Glendower.


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