How To Get Rid of Raccoons in My Attic

How To Get Rid of Raccoons in My Attic

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Get Rid of Raccoons in My Attic? What To Do

Do you think you have raccoons in your attic and wondering, “how to get rid of raccoons in my attic”, you are not alone. This is not uncommon for homeowners to experience these wildlife animals.

Your home keeps you safe, warm, and dry throughout the entire year. Unfortunately, you and your family aren’t the only ones in need of this type of shelter. Many wildlife critters, such as raccoons, are in constant search of a safe place to build their own homes. 

In some cases, this could cause them to seek shelter in your attic. Do you believe you may have raccoons in your attic? It’s important to get rid of raccoons as soon as you discover their presence to prevent possible damage to your home, insulation, and electrical system. 

Raccoons can also pose a health threat to you and your family by leaving their feces and urine in your home. For these reasons, it’s time to learn how to remove raccoons from your attic. Continue reading to get started. 

Know the Signs

Before you can remove raccoons from the attic, it’s important to know the signs that they’re present. Do raccoons scratch in the attic? What does a raccoon in an attic sound like?

Raccoon sounds can vary, but they will make a good amount of noise when nesting in your attic. They can weigh between 7 and 20 pounds and will be able to hear them moving around. Some noise could indicate a smaller critter, but loud noises are usually caused by a larger animal, such as a raccoon. 

You could hear scratching, objects being moved about, and heavy walking from the raccoons. 

Inspection of the Area

The entire attic needs to be thoroughly inspected before moving forward with the removal process. Female raccoons looking for a warm and safe place to raise their babies will especially enjoy nesting in your attic. It’s important to inspect the area for a litter of newborn raccoons. 

The litter needs to be kept safe while searching for other raccoons and when setting traps. 

Setting Traps and Monitoring

You may be wondering will raccoons leave the attic on their own? In most situations, traps need to be set in the attic to safely remove the raccoons. If they’ve found shelter in your attic, then they most likely don’t want to leave. 

How do I get rid of raccoons in my attic?

If you want to take on this task yourself, which is highly not recommended, you can start by setting a few humane traps. Keep in mind that you may find trapping difficult due to the raccoons constant digging and grabbing at anything, so remain patient. Monitor the traps once they’re set to spot signs of activity.

Safely Remove Traps and Raccoons

Once a raccoon is trapped, it must be safely removed from your property. While removing it is vital to remember they’re wild animals. They’re most likely not used to human contact, so it’s best to remove the traps with your safety in mind as well. 

Once removed a legal place to release them is necessary. A place where they can thrive and stay away from your home. 

Contact Professional Raccoon Removal Services

One of the best things you can do to safely and quickly remove raccoons from your home is to contact professional raccoon removal services. Professional raccoon removal services know how to properly set traps and attract the raccoons into the traps for safe removal while installing exclusion methods so they cannot return. 

Get Rid of Raccoons in Your Attic Now

Are you still scratching your head wondering, “how to get rid of raccoons in my attic?” Are you ready to get rid of raccoons in your attic now?

Stop raccoons from causing damage to your attic and becoming a health threat to you and your family. Contact a professional raccoon removal service to help you safely remove them now.

Critter Detective LLC is a licensed and insured full-service wildlife animal removal and control company. We’ll use our experience to find the best solution possible to any unique situation. 

Schedule an appointment with us today to see how we can help you.