How To Get Rid of Skunks Under The House

How To Get Rid of Skunks Under The House

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What’s worse than passing by a stinky skunk on the road? A stinky skunk under your house! You now think you have one, two, or even three, so you wonder, “how to get rid of the skunks under the house?”

It’s bad enough to have a skunk’s den on your property, but can a skunk get under a house? Yes, they can. They’re small animals and can squeeze into tight spaces. A skunk can get inside if you have a hole or crack in your foundation.

So, how do you tell if you have a skunk under your house? You don’t want to live with these stinky animal pests – it’s stressful and dangerous for you and the skunk. Read on to learn what to do if a skunk is under your house.

How Can a Skunk Get Under a House?

Skunks can get under houses by digging through holes or gaps in the foundation or simply by climbing onto the roof and entering through an attic. They can also gain entry into a home through open doors or windows.

Skunks are attracted to residential areas because they provide many places to den and find food. As omnivores, skunks eat just about anything, including insects, grubs, mice, bird seeds, garbage, and pet food. They also tend to be scavengers, so they’ll take advantage of any opportunity to find an easy meal.

How Do You Tell if You Have a Skunk Under Your House?

The smell is one of the most common signs of a skunk living under your house. Skunks are known for their strong, distinct odor, and if there is one living in your home, you will be able to smell it.

You may also see skunks roaming your property or hear them scurrying around in your attic or crawlspace. A den is likely nearby if you see a skunk during the daytime.

Another sign of a skunk infestation is damage to your lawn from their digging. Skunks will dig small holes in lawns and gardens in search of food.

If you want to be sure, you can set up a camera to see if a skunk is coming and going from under your house.

What Do You Do if a Skunk is Under Your House?

So how can a skunk get under a house? Any way they want! The bottom line is to recognize when it’s happening.

Once you’ve confirmed that a skunk is living under your house, the best action is to call a pest professional to remove it. Pest professionals have the experience and equipment to safely and effectively remove skunks from your property.

Do not try to remove the skunk yourself. Getting “skunked” is highly unpleasant and can be dangerous. Skunks can spray their scent up to 15 feet, which can cause burning and irritation to the eyes and skin. The smell and irritation can last for days or even weeks, and you can detect the odor up to 1.5 miles!

If you think you have a skunk living under your house, bring in the professionals to remove all traces of potential skunk funk! The Critter Detective will safely remove the skunk and prevent it from returning. Contact the Critter Detective today to schedule a consultation.