Indian Hill Raccoon Removal

Indian Hill Raccoon Removal

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Indian Hill Raccoon Removal and Why Its Vital

Are you looking for raccoon removal Indian Hill, Ohio? Raccoons are animals that take advantage of any opportunity they come across. They have learned to adapt to the opportunities that people can provide for them. This brings them onto the property and even into their homes, raccoons in the attic are very common.

Raccoons are the cause of a lot of wildlife problems, all of which we can help you with so that you can keep your home from being destroyed and keep your family and pets safe from the dangers that these raccoons can pose.

Local Raccoon Removal and Control Solutions

Raccoons are one of the pest wildlife species that we receive the most calls about. We have received calls about raccoons:

  • In attics
  • In basements
  • Tearing up roofs (including soffit boards and other roof materials)
  • Destroying gardens
  • Dumping over garbage cans and chewing trash bags
  • Raiding pet food
  • Nesting in chimneys

Once nuisance raccoons have decided to make your Indian Hill, OH home or property their new den site, they create a lot of problems that can be extremely frustrating and expensive. The first thing that people will notice is all of the destruction that raccoons can do.

If raccoons are just living on your Indian Hill property somewhere, they can destroy gardens, tear down the fencing around the garden, make a mess of the garbage cans, dig holes around the foundation, and eat and contaminate pet food, and many more wildlife problems.

If they have gone so far as to make their way into the attic, there is a host of damage that they are going to leave. Raccoons can (and will) destroy attic fans & vents, wood, ductwork, insulation, chimney caps, and anything else that may get in their way of finding a warm and safe home for them and/ or their young.

Raccoon Disease and Its Control

Raccoons can transmit rabies, canine distemper, and parvovirus to domestic animals and humans. You should avoid any raccoon which has lost its fear of humans or appears uncoordinated, confused, or listless. If you encounter such an animal, call your district wildlife office or county wildlife officer immediately. (2)

Aside from the physical damage and problems that raccoons present, they also bring disease. Raccoons are known carriers of the rabies virus which is fatal if not treated within 14 days of contact. They are also known to carry canine distemper, which can be fatal for dogs, especially if they are helping themselves to your pet’s food.

Raccoons can bring parasites and diseases into the home as well. The urine and feces that they deposit can cause bacteria and mold to form inside your Indian Hill, Ohio home and this could lead to illness. Raccoons can also bring with them fleas, ticks, raccoon roundworm which is known to cause blindness, and plenty of other potential hazards.

Once you discover that there is a nuisance raccoon on your property or in your home, you need to have it taken care of immediately. All nuisance wildlife in Indian Hill present issues, but raccoons present some of the most drastic damages.

Removal Of Raccoons In The Attic

Our professional Indian Hill raccoon trapping and wildlife control experts can help you with your raccoon problem. The only correct raccoon removal solution for a raccoon problem is through humane raccoon trapping and removal, followed by exclusionary repair measures to make sure they don’t return.

If they have made their way into the home, our Indian Hill wildlife removal and raccoon removal experts can trap them and get them out. If it is a mother with babies, the babies need to be carefully removed first and then the mother can be removed. This all depends on the situation and location of the babies.

If the problem with the raccoons is only outside, simply trapping raccoons and removing them will do the trick.

Raccoon Repellents Vs Removal

The answer here is that repellents do not work for raccoons. There are quite a few raccoons repellents out there on the market, ultrasonic sound emitters and mothballs are two of the “raccoon repellents” that people try out to try and solve their problem. These repellents are not successful in the removal of raccoons. The only raccoon removal Indian Hill solution is the removal and raccoon exclusion process that our wildlife animal removal professionals can help you with.

Damage Caused by Raccoons & Damage Repair

Removal of the raccoons is the first phase, and after completed, there is more work to be done. The mess they caused will need to be thoroughly cleaned, including the feces and urine so that there is no health hazard. Then the damage will need to be repaired and restored.

During the first phase, our professionals will help you to identify possible entry points and how you can sure up these weak spots in the foundation. The Indian Hill wildlife exclusion process is important to follow through to make sure that the raccoons do not come back in the future.

If it is just a raccoon in the garbage or eating the pet’s food on the deck, the exclusion process, in this case, is the elimination of the food sources that attracted them. Locking lids for the garbage, storing pet food inside, and securing dog doors at night are beneficial ways to eliminate access to all food sources. Once you eliminate the reasons they want to enter, they will move out and not return.

Occasionally raccoons will enter a house through a pet door. Since they can cause considerable damage if panicked, it is advisable to quietly open windows and doors through which the animal may exit and close doors that provide access to other parts of the house, before leaving the room. Wait quietly for the animal to escape. (3)

Indian Hill Raccoon Removal

Our raccoon control Indian Hill, Ohio professionals can help you through this entire process so that nothing is overlooked. Let us help you with any and all of your raccoon problems, questions, and concerns.