John B. Tytus House

The John B. Tytus House is a historic home at 300 South Main Street in Middletown, Ohio, United States. The house was designated a National Historic Landmark in 1976 due to the efforts of Jeri and Pat Rossi, who bought the home in 1970. Butler County Ohio Information.

Description and History

The John B. Tytus House is located in Middletown’s South Main Street District, on the west side of South Main Street in between Yankee Road and 4th Avenue. It is a three-story masonry structure, developed out of red brick.

Your home was built in 1865 by John Butler Tytus Sr., owner of a local papermill, and was the long-lasting house of his son, John Butler Tytus; it stayed in the Tytus family up until 1970 when Pat and Jeri Rossi purchased your house part and parcel and embarked on restorations for the next 41 years. The younger Tytus was educated at Yale University in the humanities prior to entering his father’s company. After his dad passed away, he eventually landed a job at a steel factory owned by Armco, where he established skills as an engineer and found out the production process well. Observing that effectiveness of production could be realized by being able to constant feed hot steel through a rolling process, he commenced to produce such a procedure in 1921. By 1924 his procedure was adequately established that the company constructed a brand-new plant executing it. The plant was an instant success, and the procedure was soon extensively adopted by other steelmakers. Tytus’s process made possible the rolling of steel in sizes and quantities considerably larger than previous labor-intensive procedures, at a substantially greater rate of production.

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