John Scott Farm

The John Scott Farm is a historical farm near the neighborhood of Shandon, Ohio, United States. Developed in the nineteenth century and still in operation in the twenty-first, the grange has been called a historical site because of its traditionally built farming structures. Butler County Ohio Information.


During the late nineteenth century, the farm was utilized for stock-raising functions, and accordingly the barn was built in 1884 with a trio of concrete silos. The operation had actually been deserted by 1895, the farm was bought in 1900 by loved ones of the Scotts, and they resumed it as a dairy farm to raise Jerseys. All three historical structures on the plantation were built in between the late 19th century and the early twentieth: the granary in 1875, the barn in 1884, and the milkhouse in 1915.


Three buildings make up the historical area of the grange: a barn, a granary, and a milkhouse. These form a tight complex fixated the barn; the milkhouse is positioned to the north, the granary to the east, and a family cemetery to the south. The complex sits above the valley of Paddy’s Run, producing a scene that late-nineteenth-century journalists deemed more picturesque than any other farm in Butler County.

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