Jungle Jim’s International Market

Jungle Jim’s International Market, previously Jungle Jim’s Farmer’s Market, is a large supermarket in Fairfield, Ohio, with a satellite area in Union Township, Clermont County, both near Cincinnati. The main place has actually been described as a style park of food. Many of the specialized foods in the store’s Asian and European departments are challenging to find in other places in the Greater Cincinnati area, and consumers have actually been known to drive from other cities for the store’s wide variety of food. Butler County Ohio Information.

Jungle Jim’s resembles a style park due to the uncommon screens throughout the store. The mini storefronts in Jungle Jim’s’ European section represent the architectural designs of various countries, and the Mexican section is covered by what appears to be the adobe façade and wooden frame of a cantina. Before Jungle Jim’s doubled in size in the late 1990s, the store featured flags from many countries that were placed throughout the store and immediately waved back and forth, to provide it an “global” feel.

With its most current growth, Jungle Jim’s has included a strip shopping center on one side, consisting of Starbucks, Hallmark, and CiCi’s Pizza locations. Running outside is a reconditioned Lion Country Safari Monorail from the former Wild Animal Habitat at Kings Island. On September 25, 2012, Jungle Jim’s opened a 2nd area at the previous bigg’s Place Mall in Eastgate.

Jungle Jim’s has been included on the Food Network show Unwrapped, the History Channel show Modern Marvels, and ABC News’ Good Morning America.

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