Large Rodents of Ohio Removal & Control

Large Rodents of Ohio Removal & Control

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Large Rodents of Ohio Removal & Control: Critter Detective

In 2021, 14.8 million Americans reported seeing rodents or signs of rodents in their homes in the last year. Yikes! That’s a lot of unwanted little critters.

But among those rodents, some are larger than others. We’re all familiar with a little mouse in the house, but what about rodents…of unusual size?

We’re not talking about mice, voles, squirrels, or chipmunks. We’re talking about some of the larger members of the rodent family that can wreak havoc on your property.

Keep reading to learn about the large rodents of Ohio and how they can affect your property.

3 Common Large Rodents

Norway Rats

They are the classic “sewer rat” that you might picture in your mind. Norway rats are also good swimmers and excellent climbers. They grow to be about 16 inches from nose to the tip of tail, with a body about 9 inches long.

These rats are big. They can grow to weigh one pound or more. And a single female can have litters of up to14 young rats five times per year. That’s a lot of rats!

Large Rodents of Ohio Removal & Control, norway rat


The muskrat is a rodent often mistaken for a beaver. How do you tell the difference? Check the tail. Muskrats got their name because they have a smelly, musky odor when they mark their territory, and their tails resemble a rat’s. Get it? Musk-rat.

Muskrats like to live near water. If you have water on your property, muskrat tunnels can weaken dams and cause flooding. And their dams can cause water to back up, flooding fields and gardens.

When muskrats aren’t flooding your garden, you will find them happily eating from it. They are also known to bite people who come too close to their young.

Large Rodents of Ohio Removal & Control, muskrat


Woodchucks, or groundhogs, are large rodents found in wooded areas throughout Ohio. They have brown fur and grow to be about 13 inches long. They’re actually related to squirrels! Spotting them is easy because they are one of the heaviest squirrels in North America, weighing up to 14 pounds.

While they might look cute and cuddly, woodchucks can cause severe damage to your property. Minor damages from woodchucks may occur when they hole up under decks or porches, where they can dig extensive burrows.

These animals are also known to eat crops, which can cause significant damage to a farmer’s livelihood. They can also dig large tunnels that can undermine the foundation of your home or building! Yes, they’re cute, but they’re costly.

Large Rodents of Ohio Removal & Control, woodchuck, groundhog

Humanely Remove Large Rodents of Ohio

The Critter Detective specializes in humanely removing rodents from your home and property. And we have the rodent removal equipment necessary to get the job done right. We understand the damage that rodents can cause, and we will develop a customized rodent removal strategy for your unique situation.

Large rodents of Ohio, beware! The Critter Detective is on the case. If you suspect you have a large rodent infestation, call The Critter Detective or contact us using our online form.