Is it Legal to Trap Nuisance Wildlife Animals on My Property in Ohio?

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Ohio Nuisance Wildlife Animal Laws: What You Need to Know

Have you ever heard of the term ‘nuisance animals? What does it mean, and what are the Ohio nuisance wildlife animal laws? Nuisance wildlife animals are considered by humans menacing and destructive. 

Four common wildlife animals considered nuisance animals in Ohio are skunks, raccoons, coyotes and squirrels. But these aren’t the only wild animals that count. There are rodents you should keep an eye out for, such as rats and opossums, plus more. 

There are specific laws in Ohio covering the trapping and removal of nuisance wildlife animals.

Keep reading to find out more about Ohio nuisance wildlife animal laws and so much more. 

Ohio Nuisance Law. Trapping Nuisance Animals in Ohio

Each year there are a large number of nuisance wild animals caught in traps. Some backyard trappers tell people they will rehome the animal. But this isn’t always the case.

Many of these animals get killed using inhumane methods. Some of these methods include drowning, crushing, and other gruesome actions. 

In Ohio, it is lawful to trap or take live nuisance wildlife animals if you have a commercial nuisance wild animal control operator’s license. However, it’s unlawful to trap or take a nuisance animal if you are not licensed, and if you are licensed, certain conditions must be met.

Ohio Feral Cat Laws

Wildlife animals are all over and some are in our backyards. Many of us have seen stray cats lingering about in our yards. These stray cats, also called, feral cats also count as nuisance wildlife animals. but is trapping feral cats legal in the state of Ohio? The SOS of Ohio says you can trap feral cats. It is illegal to shoot them.

When bringing a cat to the SOS, they must be brought inside a cage. And one per cage. Keep in mind, if you can handle the cat, then it’s not considered feral by the SOS. Also, handling stray cats can be dangerous as they can be a host to parasites and diseases. It is highly recommended to call a professional and not attempt a “do it yourself.”

Reasons to Hire a Professional 

Hiring a professional to remove any wildlife nuisance animal is your best decision. Nuisance animals may be dangerous, and a qualified professional will know how to handle them safely and effectively.

A reputable licensed nuisance animal operator has industry knowledge. This means they have the training and tools to remove and control any nuisance animals the right way.

For example, you have a raccoon trapped in your attic. Raccoons can carry diseases like rabies and other viral infections. Hiring the right wildlife removal company will have the proper safety equipment to keep everyone out of danger, including our loved pets. They not only will humanely remove the raccoons but will provide efficient cleanup, decontamination and attic restoration. And as important, they will do the exclusion techniques necessary to stop the nuisance animals from returning. 

Using expert, efficient and humane methods leaves lasting customer satisfaction and gives you peace of mind. 

Hiring a company such a the Critter Detective guarantees an honest home assessment and ensures you’re satisfied after they leave.

Ohio Nuisance Animal Laws 

The Ohio nuisance animal laws allow those with a commercial nuisance wild animal control operator’s license to trap and remove wildlife animals. If you do not, it is unlawful.

The Critter Detectives’ goal is to achieve 100% customer satisfaction. We want all of our customers to remain safe and have peace of mind. We service Cincinnati, Ohio and the areas surrounding and beyond.

To learn more about nuisance wildlife animal removal services, browse our complete website. If you have concerns about nuisance wildlife animals, contact Critter Detective today.