Mason OH Wildlife Removal, Animal Control

Mason OH Wildlife Removal, Animal Control

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Mason OH Wildlife Removal Services

Are you experiencing a nuisance issue? Is it a wildlife nuisance animal that is the problem? Is it disrupting your Mason, Ohio, home or business? If so, you have come to the right place. The Critter Detective is here to help with the best Mason OH wildlife removal and control services.

The city of Mason, OH, is located in Warren County, Ohio. It’s a large city with a population of approximately 31,000. Mason is in the southwestern part of Ohio, along the Ohio River, and borders both Kentucky and Indiana.

With January and February being the coldest and most uncomfortable months to enjoy many of life’s pleasures when May and June roll around, things generally change. But when it comes to nuisance wildlife animals, they are pretty much around all year long. Some more than others at certain times of the year, but there is never a time when there are none.

Wildlife animals ravage garbage cans, destroy soil, cause significant damage to structures and bring diseases

Below we will talk a bit about wildlife animals and the need for their removal.

Bat Removal

Bats can be pretty annoying and scary to see as well. Perhaps one has entered your living room, or you hear their fluttering sounds in the attic and scratching floorboards in the walls at night. If so, you have a bat infestation that needs to be addressed quickly.

Not only do bats cause significant damage, but they also host more than sixty human-infecting viruses and are the leading cause of rabies in the United States. In addition, SARS is one virus-related illness that can cause severe acute respiratory syndrome.

It is vital to hire a professional to remove them and clean up their urine and feces droppings. It is dangerous to handle and inhale their droppings, and those that do without taking the right precautionary measures are putting their health at risk.

bat removal, Franklin OH Wildlife Removal

Bird Removal

Birds are notorious for hanging out on roofs, window ledges, in attics, gutters and elsewhere. Many do not think they are dangerous. However, they can actually cause more damage than other nuisance wildlife animals. Their nest is filled with fungi and bacteria.

Their urine and feces droppings are dangerous to inhale and touch like bats. They can transmit several diseases, Histoplasmosis being one of them. Histoplasmosis will cause flu-like symptoms within three to seventeen days of exposure to the fungus.

bird removal, Franklin OH Wildlife Removal

Coyote Removal

Coyotes are taking up residency on Ohio properties more and more. They are versatile animals that can make their home just about anywhere.

If you see one of them or hear their screeching sounds at night, it is crucial to contact a coyote removal service. The Critter Detective is just that. We offer safe and humane coyote removal.

coyote removal, Franklin OH Wildlife Removal

Groundhog Removal

Groundhogs are found in all eighty-eight counties of Ohio. Groundhogs also called woodchucks, constitute a significant problem to homeowners and farmers in Ohio.

They dig large holes and build an extensive tunnel system. As a result, farmers experience crop damage, and the tunnel systems cause their tractors to sink in the ground’s surface. As for homeowners, groundhogs build dens under porches and damage gardens.

groundhog removal, Franklin OH Wildlife Removal

Raccoon Removal

As mentioned earlier, Mason Oh has a population of about 31,000,000, but people and their pets are not the only ones living in this large city. Raccoons are a common wildlife animal that lives here as well. And they are all over.

Raccoons are generally around the same size or a little larger than house cats. They will attack if they feel threatened and use their sharp claws and teeth to defend themselves. They carry several diseases; however, they are best known for rabies. They also can have parasites in their waste called raccoon roundworm and needs to be a concern for all people and pets.

It is highly not recommended to try to trap raccoons on your own. Instead, the best option is contacting a professional raccoon removal company like The Critter Detective.

raccoon removal, Franklin OH Wildlife Removal

Squirrel Removal

There are approximately sixty species of ground squirrels, add the flying squirrel into the mix, and there are many more.

Ground squirrels typically stay on the ground; however, they are excellent climbers. They build their homes underground, making extensive tunnels. This causes damage to landscaping and crop fields.

Flying squirrels can glide from perch to perch. They generally make their homes in trees.

Beyond the underground and trees, squirrels are notorious for hanging out in our garages and attics. The scurry of their little feet and, at times, knocking sounds when we try to sleep are common for many homeowners. If they find an entry point, they will come into your home for warmth and go out as they choose.

Trapping and using exclusion methods that wildlife removal companies use are the only efficient methods that will get rid of them for good.

squirrel removal, Franklin OH Wildlife Removal

Skunk Removal

Skunks carry rabies and other diseases such as tularemia, leptospirosis and canine distemper. The diseases are not spread through their spray and are only spread through their bite.

In addition to being a hazard to our health, they are most often found digging up yards under porches, and if they see you and feel threatened, they will spray you with their sulfuric spray and boy, what an intense odor it has.

Never attempt to handle a skunk on your own. Always contact a professional skunk removal professional.

skunk removal, Franklin OH Wildlife Removal

Mason Oh Wildlife Removal Services

The Critter Detective is a leading Mason OH Wildlife Removal company that provides bat removal, bird removal, coyote removal, groundhog removal, raccoon removal, squirrel removal, skunk removal, using humane trapping, and exclusion techniques.

Along with safe and humane wildlife animal removal, we also offer cleanup, repair and attic restoration from the damage they caused. If you have a dead wildlife animal on your Mason Ohio property we will remove it safely.

Contact The Critter Detective today.

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