Middletown OH Wildlife Removal, Animal Control

Middletown OH Wildlife Removal, Animal Control

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Critter Detective: Middletown, OH, Wildlife Removal and Animal Control

The inviting banks of the Great Miami River make Middletown, Ohio, a great place to live. Green spaces breathe fresh air into historic downtown as residents duck into new restaurants and local shops. Unfortunately, this lovely atmosphere is home to a number of wildlife pests, making animal control in Middletown OH a priority for residents and entrepreneurs alike.

That’s where the Critter Detectives comes in with a wide range of wildlife removal, animal control and cleanup services.

The Diverse (And Persistent) Critters of Southwestern Ohio

Just because Ohio winters get cold doesn’t mean it’s many pests and troublesome critters get lazy. Raccoons and squirrels don’t hibernate like many other mammals. If you don’t see them, they’re huddled up in nests eating stored food and keeping warm. Sounds cozy, doesn’t it?

It’s cozy until you discover squirrel and raccoon nests in your attic, garage or chimney. While squirrels gnaw away at insulation and wiring, their potentially rabid raccoon buddies are tearing up gardens and scaring children and pets.

It doesn’t end there, though. In every season, Middletown residents are plagued by:

As much as you love your local community, these pests probably love it more.

The Critter Detective Approach

Critter Detective’s approach to wildlife removal is diverse and science-driven. While we handle each client’s needs on a very individualized basis, we follow some important and effective principles.

The first is wildlife exclusion. This is means we trap pests by giving them one way out of their nests that leads into a trap with a one-way door. To do this effectively, we take mating seasons into account, seal all other exits and do meticulous inspections. If critters like bats are trapped in the wrong season, they leave behind babies that can’t fly and stay in your home.

We also strive to trap and release all pests humanely and permanently. Through maintenance plans, we help keep homes and commercial properties pest-free for seasons to come. Because of our confidence and experience, maintenance plans come backed by warranties.

Middletown OH Wildlife Removal, Animal Control

What Else Can Critter Detective Do?

Though safe wildlife removal is our focus, our expertise extends to other circumstances caused by all types of pests, including:

Because Critter Detective is a goal-driven, veteran-owned company, serving the community is our number one priority. Utilizing over 15 years of animal control experience, we provide solutions that don’t end when we remove pests — we see the whole job through.

Contact us today for 24/7 service, emergency wildlife removal and permanent animal control in Middletown, Ohio, and the rest of Butler and Warren Counties.