Milford Ohio Wildlife Removal Services

Milford Ohio Wildlife Removal Services

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Milford Ohio Wildlife Removal Services

The city of Milford is seated within Clermont County, Ohio. Its zip code is 45150. Other cities that share the same zip code are Day Heights, Mount Repose and Mulberry.

This area is located in the southwestern part of Ohio. The population is approximately 32,000, with a median household income of 60,000 and a median home value of 158,000. There are many middle-aged adults with a slightly higher than the average number of families. In addition, the number of children under the age of 18 is slightly above the average compared to other areas.

With a total population as significant as this and with many families and children under 18, it is no wonder why there is a high demand for Milford Ohio wildlife removal services for this area and beyond.

While there are many wildlife animals to look out for, in this article we will discuss squirrels and raccoons. If these wildlife animals are not on your property and others are, contact the Critter Detective for help.

Milford Ohio Wildlife Animals of Concern

Two of the most common concerns of homeowners and commercial property owners are the easter grey squirrel and raccoons. Eastern grey squirrels are out and about every day, running through our lawns, hanging out on our decks, and rummaging through garbage. Even though raccoons are nocturnal, they are widely seen during the day. Unfortunately, they also love to feed and trash our garbage cans.

Both squirrels and raccoons find a way to live in our environments when seeking food, shelter and warmth. Attics are a popular choice for them both; however, raccoons will also nest in roof eaves, unlike squirrels.

Wildlife Animals Putting You at Risk

Are you aware that, as you may find them on your roaming around your property or in your home’s attic, you can be putting yourself, your family, guests and pets at risk?

These wild animals are just that, wild animals. They will attack if they feel threatened. So you are running the risk of getting bitten. In addition, diseases such as rabies constitute a significant concern. If rabid and you leave the bite or scratch untreated, it can be fatal.

Damage and Disease

When these wild animals take up residency in your home, they cause damage to the area and spread disease, leaving their droppings of urine and feces. Leptospirosis and Salmonellosis are two diseases. Leptospirosis, if left untreated, can lead to kidney failure. A little less dangerous, Salmonellosis can often be treated with antibiotics and hydrating and replenishing electrolytes.

Lyme disease is another cause for concern; while these animals may not bite you, they often host ticks. And afterward, when a tick bites, there is a need for concern.

If you take it upon yourself to handle and remove a dead wild animal, you are at risk for Tularemia. Another disease where antibiotics will be needed.

Call for Milford Ohio Wildlife Removal Services

In this article, we only touched on squirrels and raccoons; however, in the Milford, Ohio area, including Day Heights, Mount Repose, and Mulberry, there are many other types of wildlife animals to be aware of.

If you find you have a wildlife animal problem of any kind, please do not hesitate and contact The Critter Detective. Keep yourself, your family, guests and pets safe. Never take a chance!