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Morrow Ohio Animal Removal Services

The Critter Detective LLC is a full-service wildlife animal control and removal company that serves Morrow OH and the surrounding counties of Clermont, Brown, Butler, Warren, and Hamilton County, Ohio.

Our wildlife animal removal and control services are reliable and safe. We also provide cleanup with damage repairs and restoration. Our trapping techniques and humane wildlife exclusion services prevent wildlife animals from being able to enter your home again.

For the past years, the Critter Detective has been top-rated in the wildlife removal and control industry. The goal of the entire Critter Detective team is to continuously maintain the top-level, providing the utmost in perfection when it comes to our services.

Along with our reliable, safe, and humane trapping animal removal, control, clean-up, restoration, and repair services, we offer Morrow Ohio’s property owners emergency wildlife services.

Have you seen squirrels on your property? Are they wreaking havoc in your garage?  Or are you having other wildlife animal issues? Contact the Critter Detective now. What may not seem like a big problem now, can turn into a greater and more costly issue. And we must never forget that these wildlife animals do spread disease. 

Removing animals is not always easy, so never try to do it on your own. Inhaling and ingesting their droppings can cause illness, disease and can even be fatal.

About Our Morrow OH Wildlife Removal Company

About us, a wildlife removal, and control company serving Morrow, Ohio.

We are a veteran-owned company, who prides itself in being a solution-based and goal-oriented Morrow Ohio wildlife animal removal company.  We continuously strive for 100% customer satisfaction and even want to exceed that. We have over 15 years of combined experience, with expert training, resulting in the entire team being extremely knowledgeable and skilled.

Morrow Ohio Wildlife Animals Removed

Do you hear the scattered noises of little critters in the attic, see your garbage constantly being ripped apart, or something else, like large holes dug in your backyard? Regardless of what you see or hear, the Critter Detective is here to help!

Morrow Squirrel Removal

Squirrels, yes, they are everywhere. Most of us have certainly seen them, perhaps eating nuts on the deck’s railing. They feed on nuts, corn, berries, fruits, acorns, flower bulbs, and the birdseed we have put out for the lovely birds. (You must be aware that because birds may look nice, it does not mean they are not a health risk to both humans and pets.)

Because squirrels adapt well in our environments they are considered a nuisance wildlife animal.

Morrow Groundhog Removal

Groundhogs also called woodchucks are also nuisance wildlife animals. They destroy the land for farmers and homeowners alike. They dig many holes, typically 8″ to 12″.

Morrow Skunk Removal

Skunks well, is there anyone who has never smelt their foul odor? Skunks are just not known for their horrible musk spray smell, they do severe damage under decks, sheds, porches, and more.

Morrow Raccoon Removal

Raccoons well, when we think about them, we most naturally think of rabies. And you are right to think that. As they raid our trash cans and destroy our gardens, they can be carrying rabies. Keeping dogs away and keeping them off of our properties is vital.

Morrow Coyote Trapping

Coyotes are mostly seen at dawn and dusk. However, occasionally they can also be seen wandering out and about during the day. If you see a coyote, get in touch with us asap!

Morrow Bat Removal

Morrow Ohio is home to bats like many other communities in Ohio. We can benefit from them because they eat insects, however, when they make our homes theirs, they can cause severe damage along with spread disease through their feces and urine.

Morrow Bird Removal

Colorful birds can be beautiful to look at. We all love when that cardinal appears out of nowhere, however, wildlife birds on your property or entering your home can cause damage and spread disease. Take a look here.

Need Wildlife Animal Removal and Control?

Give us a call or send us an email! Contact Us

The Critter Detective is an A-rated accredited company.  We are also fully licensed and insured. Looking forward to helping you stay safe.

Servicing Warren County OH and Beyond

As Morrow Ohio is in Warren County Ohio, we also service the towns in the county of Warren OH such as Lebanon OH, Mason OH, Corwin OH, Butlerville OH, Pleasant Plain OH, Franklin OH, Morrow OH, South Lebanon OH, Waynesville OH, Harveysburg OH, Landen OH, Five Points OH and Hunter OH.

Beyond Warren County OH, we service Butler County OH, Brown County OH, Clermont County OH, and Hamilton County OH.