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Norwood, OH Wildlife Control and Removal: Critter Detective

A little-known fact about Norwood, Ohio is that it was once called Sharpsburg. It was the name of the owner of the city’s general store. However, developers thought naming it after the surrounding Northern Woods was more apt.

Arguably in more ways than one. These woods are also the habitat of many species of animals.

Being near the city means you’re likely to encounter some of them. These can include squirrels, beavers, and raccoons. They may even invade your home.

If this happens you’ll need the best Norwood, OH wildlife control company. Critter Detective specializes in Norwood wildlife removal. Read on to learn more.

Reasons to Choose Norwood, OH Wildlife Control Company – Critter Detective

There are many wildlife control companies in Norwood, Ohio. You’ll know this if you’ve ever discovered an animal infestation in your home.

But the last thing you probably wanted to do was search for the best company to remove them. Critter Detective has all you need if you’re ever in this situation again.

Licensed and Insured

Licenses are a requirement for all wildlife control companies in Ohio. The Ohio Division of Wildlife issues them. But license holders need to pass a state exam before getting one.

Critter Detective is not only a licensed animal control company, we’re also insured. This safeguards you and your property when you hire us. 


We have extensive wildlife removal experience. Our team of professionals has over 15 years of combined expertise.

We’ll provide a detailed inspection before deciding on a removal strategy. We’ll eliminate the problem and restore any damage to your home.

State-of-the-Art Equipment and Removal Methods

We complement our in-depth knowledge with the latest in animal control equipment. We also use modern removal methods including exclusion.

This technique uses a one-way door or tunnel that leads them out of your home. But it doesn’t allow them to return.

Wildlife Services That Cover Various Species

Ohio has hundreds of wildlife species. We provide services that can remove different wild animals. This includes:

Many of these animals can cause significant damage to your home. In addition to wildlife services we also do clean-up and repair.

This includes attic restoration and the removal of feces and dead animals. The cost of these services, along with the cost of removal of animals are also affordable.

The Best Norwood Wildlife Removal Company

Looking for tips on hiring the best Norwood, OH wildlife control company? One would include ensuring the company has experience. You should, of course, verify their credentials. While insurance is a plus. 

It’s also important that the company provides the services you need. Some Norwood wildlife removal companies only specialize in the removal of certain species.

It’s also always best to ask for referrals. Critter Detective has a long list.

We’ll provide you with high-quality service and repairs. You may forget you had a wildlife problem in the first place. When you hire us, we will eliminate your problem. Contact us to schedule an appointment today!