Ohio Wildlife Animal Damage Control

Ohio Wildlife Animal Damage Control

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Why Wildlife Animal Damage Control is Vital in Ohio

Many of us love wildlife and enjoy exploring the great outdoors to view wild animals in their natural habitat. And Ohio has no shortage of natural beauty and majestic wildlife to appreciate.  But wildlife animals can wreak significant havoc if they get inside your home. Animal damage can cost homeowners thousands in repair costs; therefore, Ohio wildlife animal damage control is necessary.

Most home insurance policies won’t cover damage from pest infestations. This is because it’s considered preventable with regular home maintenance.

Suppose you’ve got an infestation in your home. In that case, it’s crucial not just to remove the infestation but also to do damage repair, home decontamination, and prevention to ensure the problem doesn’t come back. 

Read on to learn more about addressing your wildlife problem and protecting your home with Ohio wildlife animal damage control.

Be Aware of Structural Damage 

Wild animals can do extensive structural damage when they enter and make your home their own. 

Animals like rats, squirrels, and bats that establish themselves in the attic will tear and chew through the insulation. They do this for several reasons. Insulation is an excellent material for making nests for one. They also may just be moving the material out of the way as they create and widen pathways to more easily move through your home. 

Animals will as cause damage to roof shingles, soffit, and home siding, and they create entryways into your home. Once these holes are made, the protective exterior of the house is compromised to the elements.

This leads to water damage and, eventually, mold and mildew development. It also creates more points of entry for additional infestations. 

Groundhogs and other burrowing animals can tear up your lawns, destroy your ornamental plans and eat the vegetables in your garden. Skunks and raccoons will also take part in this destruction, go for your trash and set up homes under your porch or in your garage. 

Some animals, particularly rodents like rats and squirrels, chew through electrical wiring. They do this because it helps them manage their fast-growing teeth, but it’s devastating for your home’s wiring.

This not only causes electrical problems throughout the house. It also opens your home to potential fire hazards from electrical fires. 

As we mentioned before, most structural damage caused by wildlife is not covered by most home insurance. It’s seen as “preventable” by the insurance providers.

Ohio Wildlife Animal Damage Control, damaged insulation

Know the Health Risks

The health risks are significant as well. Several diseases are spread from contact with wildlife, some of them deadly.

These illnesses, known as “zoonotic” diseases, can be contracted from direct contact with the animal. They can also be acquired by coming in connection with their feces, also spelled “faeces,” primarily if handled without proper personal protective equipment. 

According to the CDC, the eight most common zoonotic diseases of concern in the United States include:

  • Zoonotic influenza
  • Salmonellosis
  • West Nile virus
  • Plague
  • Emerging coronaviruses
  • Rabies
  • Brucellosis
  • Lyme disease

In addition, the build of guano, feces, and urine can lead to poor air quality, allergic reactions, and mold growth. 

Making Use of Wildlife Exclusion 

Once you realize you have a wildlife problem, the first step is to remove the infestation. The safest, most effective, and humane way to do this is through wildlife exclusion.

Wildlife exclusion is essentially a way to allow the animals to leave your home while preventing them from being able to return. This is done by constructing and installing temporary physical structures such as exclusion tunnels. 

Different techniques will be needed depending on the type of infestation. This requires in-depth knowledge of the wildlife species, sleep cycle, and feeding habits. 

Professional wildlife removal experts will be able to identify points of entry where exclusion traps should be placed. They can also assess whether the target species and all its offspring have been eliminated. 

Undertaking Damage Repair

Once the infestation is cleared, the wildlife exclusion tunnels are removed, and damage repair can begin to restore your home.

Depending on the extent of the infestation, you may be looking at a complete attic restoration. This will address the damage to insulations, roofing, wiring, and other structural elements.

You’ll also need to address the cleanup of the biohazardous waste left behind from the animal’s excrement. This includes guano decontamination, feces and urine cleanup, and potentially dead animal removal.

Every precaution must be taken to protect yourself from coming into contact with animal waste. You want to prevent yourself and your family from contracting a zoonotic disease like those above.

It’s best to leave home decontamination to a professional crew. They will have access to the appropriate equipment to clean hazardous materials thoroughly. They will also take precautions so that toxic debris and fumes won’t spread throughout your home air. 

Home restoration will also include addressing potential re-entry points around your home and applying preventative techniques to ensure no re-infestation. If these are not addressed, the target species will likely return after the initial removal. 

Hire an Expert to Help with Wildlife Animal Damage Control

Wild animal removal is no easy task. Without the help of a professional, you may as well be saying to the neighborhood wildlife, “Mi casa es su casa.” 

Don’t like wildlife overrun your home. At the first sign of a problem, call a wildlife removal expert to help. 

Are you looking for wildlife removal and damage repair for your home?

The Critter Detective is a full-service wildlife animal damage control company that can handle every step of the process, from removal to control and prevention. Contact The Critter Detective today to book an appointment.