Pines Pet Cemetery and Cremation Center

Pines Pet Cemetery was opened in 1966 by Henry Biederman, who operated a strawberry farm on the site and would bury his family pets and the pets of family and friends on the grounds. In 1978, Jean and Tom Lawton (auntie and uncle of the existing owner Shannon Wood), purchased the business and had the land deeded as a cemetery, indicating it could never ever go back to any other use. Wood purchased the cemetery from her relatives in 1997 and has been the owner since. Warren County Information.

The 35-acre cemetery is a resting location for more than 18,000 family pets, from felines and dogs to horses, Wood said. Approximately 50 individuals are also buried next to their pets in the cemetery, too. “We’re on call 24/7, always prepared to assist,” Wood said. A walk through the serene premises reveal the love numerous owners still feel for their valued companions. Ornate gravestones bring photos and loving messages of family pets who have passed on. “People like to come here as a park since it’s extremely peaceful,” Wood said.

Located in picturesque Warren County, The Pines is open to the general public and welcome to visitors. The grounds are lawfully limited to be protected as an animal cemetery and an endowment has been set aside in an irrevocable trust. Arrangements have actually been made to make sure that the trust sufficiently offers all real estate taxes, basic maintenance, and conservation of the park now and in the future.

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