Raccoon Removal in West Chester OH

Raccoon Removal in West Chester OH

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Raccoon Removal in West Chester

Are you concerned that you have raccoons on your West Chester, Ohio property? 

Raccoons are animals that take advantage of opportunities they come across. They have learned to adapt well to our environments due to the food sources people have around. These sources bring them onto properties and can even get them into our homes. 

A commonplace within the home that raccoons take up residency is the attic. Whether they are in their or elsewhere, they can cause problems, all of which can damage both the outside and inside. 

If you reside in the West Chester, Ohio, area, this article seeks to provide you with helpful information to keep your family, guests and pets safe from the dangers raccoons pose. 

West Chester Raccoon Removal and Control Solutions

As wildlife removal and control specialists, raccoons are one of the most common wildlife animals that our homeowners and business owners need help to remove. Most of the complaints are as follows.

  • Noises in the attic
  • Basement noises
  • Tearing soffit boards and roof materials
  • Gardens are destroyed
  • Garbage cans knocked over
  • Pet food is raided
  • Sounds in the chimney

Once raccoons have decided to make your West Chester, OH home or property their new den site, they create many problems that can be annoying and result in costly repairs.

If raccoons have made their way into the attic, there is a host of destruction they are going to do. Raccoons can destroy insulation, ductwork, wood, vents, fans, chimney caps, and anything else that gets in their way of providing a haven for them, and they’re young.

Raccoon Diseases and Prevention

Raccoons can transmit canine distemper, rabies, and parvovirus to domestic animals and humans. Please avoid contact with a raccoon that has lost its fear of humans or appears uncoordinated, confused or listless. If you encounter such an animal, call for help immediately.

As raccoons can cause extensive damage, they can also put people and pets at risk by bringing disease. Raccoons carry the rabies virus, which is fatal if not treated within fourteen days of contact. They can also carry canine distemper, which can be deadly for dogs, especially if they are helping themselves to your pet’s food.

Raccoons pose the risk of parasites. In addition, the feces and urine they drop can cause bacteria and mold to form inside your West Chester, Ohio home, and this could lead to illness.

Raccoons can also bring fleas, ticks, and raccoon roundworm, which can cause blindness, along with a host of other potential hazards.

Once you discover a nuisance raccoon on your property or in your home, you need to have it taken care of immediately. All nuisance wildlife in West Chester present issues, but raccoons present some of the most severe.

Getting Rid Of Raccoons In The Attic

When it comes to raccoon removal in West Chester, Ohio, the Critter Detectives professional raccoon trapping and wildlife control experts can help you with your raccoon problem.

The only accurate raccoon removal solution for a raccoon problem is humane raccoon trapping and removal, followed by exclusionary repair measures to ensure they do not return. Our West Chester raccoon removal professional will trap them to get rid of them. If a mother has babies, the babies may need to be removed first and then proceed with removing the mother. It all depends on the situation and location of the babies.

If the raccoon or raccoons are only outside, simply trapping raccoons and removing them will work.

Raccoon Repellents

Honestly, repellents do not work. There are quite a few raccoon repellents in your local stores, like mothballs and ultrasonic sound emitters. Many of our customers use these to try to solve their problems. They do not work. The only efficient raccoon removal West Chester solution is to remove them with exclusion techniques. 

Damage Caused by Raccoons & Damage Repair

Once raccoons are removed, there is still additional work that must be done.

First and foremost, the mess they have made will need to be cleaned up, including the urine and feces, so the health risks to humans and pets is eliminated. Afterward, any damage they created will need to be fixed.

During this part of the process, the Critter Detectives can help you identify possible entry points and fix these weak spots in the structure. In addition, the West Chester wildlife exclusion process is essential to ensure that the raccoons do not come back in the future.

Suppose it is just a raccoon in the garbage or eating the dog food on the back porch. In that case, the exclusion method is performed. Exclusion is the elimination of the food sources that attract them. Locking lids on the garbage cans, storing the pet food inside in a safe place and tightly closed, and securing dog doors at night are also ways to eliminate access to these food sources. By taking away the reasons for a raccoon to benefit from living in your home or outside, they are going to move on without incident.

Occasionally raccoons will enter a home, perhaps through a pet’s door. If they become, panicked danger can be forthcoming. It is highly advisable to quietly open windows and doors. The animal may exit. Make sure to close doors where the raccoon can access other house areas before leaving the room. Wait quietly for the animal to escape. 

Raccoon Removal in West Chester, Get Help Now!

For raccoon removal in West Chester, Ohio, our raccoon removal and control professionals, can help you through the entire process with complete efficiency. Let us help you with all of your raccoon problems, questions, and concerns. Get in touch here.