Raccoon Removal Services

Raccoons are animals that take advantage of any opportunity. They have learned to adapt to the opportunities that people can provide for them. This brings them onto people’s property and even into their homes. These animals can cause a lot of problems that we can help you with so that you can keep your home from being destroyed and keep your family and pets safe from the dangers that these animals can pose.

Nuisance Concerns

Raccoons are one of the animals that we receive the most calls about. We have received calls about raccoons:

  • In the attic
  • In the basement
  • Tearing up the roof (including soffit boards and other roof materials)
  • Destroying gardens
  • Dumping over garbage cans
  • Raiding pet food
  • In the chimney

Once they have decided to make your home or property their home, they create a lot of frustrating problems. The first thing that people will notice is all of the destruction that they can do. If they are just living on the property somewhere, they can destroy gardens, tear down the fencing around the garden, make a mess of the garbage cans, dig holes around the foundation, and eat and contaminate pet food.

If they have gone so far as to make their way into the home, there is a host of destruction that they are going to leave in their wake. They can (and will) destroy ductwork, insulation, wood, screens, chimneys, and anything else that may get in their way of finding a safe home for them or their young.


Aside from the physical damage and nuisance problem that raccoons bring, they also bring disease. Raccoons are known carriers of the rabies virus which can be fatal. They are also known to carry canine distemper, which can be fatal for the family dog. But this is not the end.

They can bring disease into the home as well. The urine and feces that they deposit can cause bacteria and mold to form inside your home and this could lead to serious illness. They can also bring with them fleas, ticks, roundworm, and plenty of other potential health problems. Once you discover that there is a nuisance raccoon on your property or in your home, you need to have it taken care of immediately.

Getting Rid Of Raccoons

Our professional wildlife removal experts can help you with your raccoon problem. The only real solution for a raccoon problem is through trapping and removal, followed by exclusionary repair measures to make sure they don’t return. If they have made their way into the home, our experts can trap them and get them out. If it is a mother with babies, the babies will need to be removed first and then they can remove the mother.

If it is just a problem with raccoons on the property, simply trapping and removing them will do the trick.

Raccoon Repellents

The short answer here is that repellents do not work for raccoons. There are quite a few raccoons repellents out there on the market, Mothballs and ultrasonic sound emitters are two of the “raccoon repellents” that our customers try out to try and solve their problem. They do not work. The only real solution is the removal and exclusion process that our professionals can help you with.

Cleanup and Damage Repair

Once the raccoons have been removed, there is still work that needs to be done. First and foremost, the mess that they have made will need to be cleaned up, including the urine and feces so that there are no health threats. Then the damage that they have done to the home will need to be repaired.

During this part of the process, our professionals can help you to identify possible entry points for them and how you can sure up these weak spots in the structure. This is called the exclusion process and it is important to follow through to make sure that the raccoons do not come back.

If it is just a raccoon dumping the garbage or eating the dog food on the back porch, this exclusion process is the elimination of the food sources that drew them in, to begin with. Locking lids for the garbage, storing the pet food inside, and better fencing and protection for your garden are ways to eliminate their food sources. If you take away the reasons for a raccoon to benefit from living on your property, they are going to move on without incident.

Our professionals can help you through this entire process so that nothing is overlooked. Let us help you with any and all of your raccoon problems, questions, and concerns.

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