Red Bird Hollow Trail

The Redbird Hollow trail is one of Indian Hill’s various paths along ridges and through forests. A biologist’s delight, this 54-acre system in the southwestern quadrant of the Village belongs to the Nature Conservancy and the Redbird Hollow Association. Indian Hill Ohio Information.

For many years the Red Bird Hollow Association has actually dealt with issues varying from a possible closing of the trail, to publishing of limitations, to a license system. Adjacent parcels have actually been donated to the Association and to the Green Areas Trust. Likewise, in the tornado of August, 1969, lots of specimen trees were rooted out or had their tops snapped off; and recently the native Redbud trees have been subdued by honeysuckle, and euonymus and ranunculus vicaria threaten the forest floor.

Today, Redbird Hollow remains a tranquil preserve where wildflowers abound, and deciduous and coniferous trees shade the trail. This wild residue of Ohio forestland and stream, designated an Ohio Natural Landmark in 1983, remains a vulnerable oasis in the heart of Indian Hill.

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