We Restore Attic Insulation After an Infestation

We Restore Attic Insulation After An Infestation

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We Restore Attic Insulation After An Infestation

Proper home insulation can reduce the amount you spend on heating and cooling. It allows an adequate amount of heat to flow through your home. This helps to increase your comfort level when you’re indoors.

Attic insulation is as important. It reduces damage to your home caused by moisture and heat.

A critter infestation in your attic can destroy your insulation. This can cause a buildup of heat in your attic leading to cracked or swollen roof shingles. Lack of insulation can also cause water vapor to seep in which can erode your walls.

But this doesn’t have to be a problem. There’s a company that will not only remove the nuisance pest. They’ll also restore attic insulation. Read on to learn more about them. 

Wildlife That Can Destroy Home Insulation

There are over 600 species of animals in Ohio. A few of them can get into your home and wreak havoc on your attic. This includes destroying your insulation.

Here are the ones you should look out for:


Raccoons can compress attic insulation when they walk around your attic. Their average weight is between 25-30 pounds. So it doesn’t take much for them to compromise your insulation.

It’s even worse if they’re nesting. A pregnant female will try to create a comfortable den. She’ll clear large areas of insulation in your attic.

This makes it less effective leading to thousands in heating and cooling costs.


Another animal that loves attics is the bat. While chewing the wires and walls in your attic they’ll scratch away the insulation as well.

The weight of their droppings can also cause drywall and ceilings to sag. They may even eventually collapse. You’ll want to call a company that specializes in attic restoration before it gets to this stage.


Your attic is an easy entry point for birds as they perch on windowsills and roofs. Birds use an array of materials to build their nests, usually whatever they can find.

When they enter your attic, they’ll use your insulation to complete their home. This may even include electrical wiring.

If the temperature in your home starts to fluctuate, a bird infestation might be the reason why. A build-up of their droppings can also cause extensive damage to your attic over time.


Squirrels try to get extremely comfortable when they enter your attic. They have no problem shredding your wood frame and insulation to make their beds.

They can also chew through many other items in your attic including electrical wiring and PVC. This can lead to water damage which can also destroy your insulation.

A Company to Restore Attic Insulation

The thought of having to deal with the mess left by a pest infestation can be overwhelming. But you don’t have to. Pest control company Critter Detective specializes in removing wildlife from homes.

We even go further. We’ll prevent them from returning. Then we’ll clean and repair your attic. We’ll also restore attic insulation.

You won’t need a complete home renovation. You’ll just need Critter Detective. Contact us to return your attic to its original, uncontaminated state.