Western College for Women

Western College for Women, known in your area as Western College, was mostly a ladies’s college in Oxford, Ohio between 1855 and 1974. In 1979, the previous college, known now as Western Campus of Miami University, was designated a U.S. Historical district referred to as the Western Female Seminary Historic District. Butler County Ohio Information.


Lilian Wyckoff Johnson, the first lady to receive a doctorate from Cornell University, worked as President of Western College 1904– 1906.
Western College was established in 1853 as Western Female Seminary. It was a child school of Mount Holyoke College in South Hadley, Massachusetts, and its very first principal, Helen Peabody, was a Holyoke graduate. The college altered its name three times, in 1894 to The Western: A College and Academy for Women, in 1904 to Western College for Women, and in 1971 to The Western College when the organization became coeducational.

Western stayed an independent females’s college till 1970 when it formed a “committee of cooperation” with the adjacent Miami University, which opened registration between the colleges on a restricted basis. This enabled Western students to take classes at Miami and utilize Miami’s computer and health center facilities, for example, while permitting Miami trainees access to intramural fields, library area, and cross-country runways on Western premises. In 1974, Western ended up being part of Miami due to monetary difficulties.


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