What Damage Can Bats Do To Homes

What Damage Can Bats Do To Homes

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Can Bats Damage Homes?

Bats are known to carry dangerous pathogens like rabies, so for that reason alone, we don’t want them taking up residence in our homes. But these critters can also cause damage to our homes, especially if they go unnoticed for a period of time.

It’s not unusual as the weather begins to cool for bats to make their way into houses. They’re especially drawn to dark attics, so if there’s a hole or crack that they can enter through, you could wind up with a bat problem.

Bats and Home Damage

Unlike mice and rats that can damage homes by chewing on wood and even wires, bats do not chew. They can cause structural damage to homes with their guano.

Bat guano contains high levels of uric acid. This acid is very corrosive and can erode both metals and clay structures. As the guano droppings increase, the potential for more substantial damage can occur. 

Bat guano also contains various minerals and compounds that can undermine the integrity of concrete and stone. Over time, these compounds can cause cracks to develop in stone and concrete, which can lead to structural damage. Wood is also prone to damage from uric acid, which can cause it to crack and split.

Other Problems Bats Cause to Homes

Additionally, if a bat colony, or a mere few bats, take up residence in your attic, their guano can cause a terrible odor that permeates through the house. Bat guano is pungent and is often one of the telltale signs of a bat issue.

Bats are quiet and nocturnal, so homeowners may be quite unaware of their presence in the attic or chimney of a home. However, if you notice an unusual odor, there’s a strong possibility that there is a pest problem. 

In addition to the odor and structural damage, bat guano also stains the surfaces it rests on. In most cases, the surfaces will require fresh painting or resurfacing once the guano has been removed. 

Prevent Bats from Entering Your Home

Before the cold season arrives, it’s important to inspect the exterior of your home, looking for cracks or holes that could allow pests to enter. The heat from your home can lure unwelcome pests like bats and rodents through these small crevices. Like many pests, bats are social; if one finds its way inside, others are likely to follow. 

If you find any openings, you’ll want to seal them. A hole that’s only a half-inch in diameter is large enough for a determined bat to squeeze through. You can use caulk to seal the holes, but be sure to inspect your caulk each season; once it gets old, you may need to replace it with new caulk.

Stop The Damage!

The sooner you are able to eliminate your home’s bat problem the better. Critter Detective specializes in pest and wildlife removal. We have experience removing bats from all areas of homes where they may be sheltering. We can typically pinpoint where the creatures are entering so that you can take steps to seal these entrances once we remove all of the bats.

It takes time for accumulated bat guano to damage home structures, so by contacting us at the first sign of a bat issue, we can help you safeguard your home by removing these pests and their corrosive guano.