Think you know Cincinnati, The Queen City? These 7 points you really didn’t know about Cincinnati, OH, will certainly make you think again. Here are more information on Cincinnati Ohio near me.

It’s Steven Spielberg’s Birthplace

Prior to becoming a legendary Hollywood director, Steven Spielberg was a Cincinnati local, born in The Queen City before relocating to Phoenix as a kid. His grandparents were Jewish Ukrainian immigrants that settled in Cincinnati in the 1960s. Cincinnati is no stranger to popular faces– George Clooney, Neil Armstrong, and Jerry Springer were also born here.

It Has the Biggest Oktoberfest in the Country

Cincinnati’s Oktoberfest, known as Zinzinnati, is truly legendary. The biggest Oktoberfest in the U.S., Zinzinnati is held each year between Walnut and Elm Streets in midtown Cincinnati and also draws from Southwest Ohio’s German heritage. Featuring food vendors who serve up German-style favorites like potato pancakes as well as sausage, along with live songs, a dachshund race called “Running of the Weiners” to kick off the party, and also, of course, even more beer than you might ever desire, the huge occasion is participated by about 500,000 individuals each year.

We Love Our Chili

Cincinnati locals like chili. A whole lot. Cincinnati’s famous chain restaurant, Skyline Chili, has been serving up a trademark brand of chili (thinner as well as sweeter, with recipes for Cincinnati chili frequently including nutmeg, allspice, cinnamon, or even chocolate) atop hot dogs as well as pastas since 1949. The area flaunts over 180 chili restaurants overall. If the Greater Cincinnati Convention and Visitor’s Bureau is to be believed, they’re not in danger of running out of service anytime soon. Cincinnatians eat over two million pounds of Cincinnati chili every year, together with around 850,000 pounds of shredded cheese.

The Music Hall Is Haunted

Cincinnati Music Hall is known for its chandeliers, shows by world-renowned musicians, and also perfectly restored seats. Featured on Syfy’s Ghost Hunters and thought to be haunted by paranormal specialists as well as mediums alike (specifically the Cincinnati Research & Paranormal Studies Team), Cincinnati Music Hall is regularly touted as one of the area’s most “haunted” sites.

It’s the Capital of Cornhole

Numerous people claim Cincinnati is the initial home of the game of cornhole, others aren’t certain. While people in various other states may only see cornhole at carnivals or state fairs, the game spawns tournaments, organizations, as well as neighborhood Cornhole Assocations in Cincinnati.

It Was a Stop on the Underground Railroad

Cincinnati is just a hop, skip, and a jump from Kentucky, which was a slave state in the 19th century. Slaves often used Cincinnati as a stop on the Underground Railroad– a network of safe houses and also paths to shuttle slaves out of Southern states to liberty– on their way to Canada, where they could be truly free. Cincinnati was likewise residence to many popular, vocal activists, such as Levi Coffin as well as John Rankin, who aided lots of servants along the Underground Railroad. Today, you can see the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center in downtown Cincinnati to commemorate the city’s legacy of emancipation.

It’s Home to America’s Oldest Baseball Team

The Cincinnati Red Stockings were founded as America’s first professional baseball team in 1869. After a troubled beginning in the National League, the group later ended up being the Cincinnati Reds and came to be a charter member of the American Association in 1881. Today, the Reds play at Great American Ball Park and are also considered by many to be among the earliest surviving professional sports team.

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