Straddling the divide in between the Deep South and the Midwest as it sprawls out across the banks of the Ohio River (one of the major tributaries to the Mississippi River), Cincinnati oozes with a curious mix of American industrialism, Barbeque heritage, baseball fanaticism, riparian come railway character and a deep feeling of its very own history. Here are some good to know information on Cincinnati OH.

These are all clear in the community’s wide range of galleries, bursting out of the green swathes of Eden Park and the Union Station alike, as well as its revered Major League sporting institutions.

However, Cincinnati is likewise a city on the up. Its areas pulse with bohemian coffee shop, art coffee shops and more microbreweries than you can shake a Midwestern regional IPA at.

Here are some reasons why you will love the Greater Cincinnati Area which encompasses parts of Indiana, Ohio and Northern Kentucky. Cincinnati has great deals to offer for anyone looking to move here, where you desire hip uptown living, suburban neighborhoods or rural living.

Eden Park

On a nice, bright day, Eden Park measures up to its paradisiacal name. Located in the stylish Mount Adams neighborhood, the park encompasses 186 acres of environment-friendly room and tree groves total with walking paths. There are also a couple of lakes, a magnolia garden and a number of picturesque overlooks.

Spring Grove Burial Ground & Arboretum

Spring Grove Cemetery & Arboretum was chartered back in 1845, and today exists as one of the pioneers of landscape layout for cemeteries. The grounds are idyllic, with markers punctuated by fish ponds, sculptures, footbridges and lots and lots of trees. “It may sound strange to visit a cemetery, but this one is unlike any I have seen before,” said one visitor. “It is a beautiful and tranquil place to visit and take a walk in the fall.”

Cincinnati Art Museum

The Cincinnati Art Museum contains more than 60,000 works from across 6,000 years of history. Work Of Arts by Sandro Botticelli, Claude Monet and various other famous artists decorate the walls of the gallery. And all of this art is housed in a structure that was erected at the close of the 19th century; though it has actually gone through a number of enhancements and restorations, the structure stands as one of the city’s historic– and simply attractive– gems.

Great American Ball Park

If the Great American Ball Park seems a rather lofty title for a stadium, you must know that it is home to the nation’s earliest professional baseball group– the Cincinnati Reds. Which is where the stadium gets its lofty name. Yet the Major League Baseball team didn’t start playing at the Great American Ball Park until 2003; since the 1880s, the team has actually played at 7 various stadiums. The team’s name has actually also changed over the course of time: from the “Red Stockings” to the “Reds” to the “Redlegs” and afterwards back to the “Reds.”.

National Underground Railroad Freedom Center

This museum, which opened in 2004, rests along the banks of the Ohio River. And it’s a very suitable location since thousands of slaves in fact crossed the river from Kentucky into Cincinnati when following the Underground Railroad.

Cincinnati Music Hall

Opened in 1878, the Cincinnati Music Hall is the residence to several performing arts groups, including the Cincinnati Ballet, Cincinnati Opera, the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra and the Cincinnati Pops Orchestra. The Music Hall’s Springer Auditorium can fit 3,516 audience members in its red seats. Which does not include the ghosts; the Music Hall was constructed over a cemetery, which has actually generated reports that it’s haunted.

Findlay Market

The Findlay Market initially opened up in 1855, yet only just recently has it increased into the dynamic mix of ethnic food stalls and flea market suppliers that it is today. On the weekend in spring, summer and autumn, the streets is loaded with vendors marketing everything from fashion jewelry to kettle corn to purses. You’ll also locate stalls dedicated to items like delicious chocolate, fresh fruit, vegetables and artisan bread.

Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden

Cincinnati is home to the country’s second-oldest zoo. The zoo is also noted for its innovative birth programs with animals like the Indian and Sumatran rhinos.

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