If you’re planning on relocating to Cincinnati from out-of-state, choosing which Cincinnati neighborhood to live in can be tough. There are over 50 neighborhoods, so where should you begin? More facts about Cincinnati, OH.

We’ve done the preliminary research for you and compiled a list of the most effective neighborhoods for families and millennials in Cincinnati. Below are the 5 finest neighborhoods in Cincinnati:

Columbia Tuluscum

If you’re trying to find a smaller sized Cincinnati neighborhood, Columbia Tuluscum has a populace of only 1700 people, and nearly 60% of residents own their homes. Columbia Tuluscum is a fantastic location for households and young professionals, with accessibility to public city colleges in addition to prominent restaurants and clubs.

If you’re looking to buy, Columbia Tuluscum is a lot more affordable than Hyde Park, with a median house worth of $236,700. Leasing is likewise more affordable, with an average monthly rental fee of around $780.

Hyde Park

Located on the east side of Cincinnati, Hyde Park has a populace of almost 15,000 individuals and is focused around Hyde Park Square, residence to the famous Graeter’s Ice Cream. Despite huge populace of virtually 15,000 people, the overall feel of Hyde Park is suburban; it has some great neighborhood public schools and is one of the best Cincinnati neighborhoods for families.

Purchasing a house in Hyde Park can cost you though; the median residence worth is about $350,000, whereas the national standard is about $185,000. Leasing, on the other hand, might be a far better alternative if you’re not sure you intend to shell out that kind of money; the median month-to-month rent is $850, compared to a national standard of about $950.


With a population of roughly 8000, Clifton is a big-little town that’s understood for its upscale housing in addition to being home to the Clifton Campus of the University of Cincinnati.

Like Mount Adams, Clifton is a neighborhood where more people rent out than own– actually, 65% of residents rent. Whereas the average family earnings is about $40,500, the mean home worth is $340,000, which implies renting out is a whole lot more feasible, particularly if you’re a med student. The typical regular monthly lease is about $700.


Despite being a recognized neighborhood with a populace of 11,000, Oakley is still drawing in young couples and millennials. And not surprising that– it’s a suburban neighborhood but also has 2 major shopping areas and an business area, plus up-and-coming clubs and a dynamic nightlife.

What’s even more, the rates in Oakley are right for both buying and renting; the mean home value is about $215,000 and the average monthly lease is $860.

Mount Adams

Located east of downtown Cincinnati and bordered by the wonderful Eden Park, Mount Adams is considered a more urban neighborhood though it’s home to only 1700 residents. There’s a terrific duality within Mt. Adams of being both a family-friendly neighborhood as well as very attractive to millennials.

As it is usually the instance with more urban neighborhoods, house prices are more than in the suburbs. In Mt. Adams, the median residence worth is $441,000 and the mean rent is $1300. In this neighborhood, even more people rent out than own.

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