Bat Removal

Bat removal services are different than other types of wildlife animal removal, control, and prevention. With bat removal, comes bat exclusion. If you are not familiar with what bat exclusion is, let us give you a brief overview.

Bat Exclusion

Bat exclusion is a new technique where bats’ entry points to enter a structure are sealed off with netting or tubes.

While a bat removal company is removing the bats, it is crucial for the proper bat exclusion techniques to be put in place to prevent the bats from returning. This technique is a safe and humane way of keeping bats away.

If a home is structurally sound, it is a reasonably straightforward process; however, if the house is old there may be more entry points that will need to be addressed.

Best Time of Year To Exclude Bats

Mid-May bats begin to give birth to their young. At this time, the babies are not yet able to fly. So, it is best to plan for the bat exclusion services in the late summer. If you plan too early, you are left with the risk of having orphaned babies left behind.

If your bats tend to come back and visit for the winter months, the late fall is an excellent time to have all the exterior entry points sealed up.

In Order For Bat Exclusion To Be Successful

There are several techniques that must be addressed and performed correctly in order for a bat exclusion to be successful.

  • First, it must be determined where and how the bats are entering the space.
  • Cracks and holes must be identified.
  • Look for more than one entry point since bats will find them.
  • Entry points may have brown greasy marks around them. This can be a mixture of their body oils, feces, and urine.

Bat Exclusion In Action

Bat exclusion may seem simple, but it’s not as easy as you may think. Therefore, it is vital to hire a professional wildlife removal company specializing in bat removal and bat exclusion techniques.

Inhaling the bat’s fungal spores can be dangerous, causing respiratory infections. Bat manure and guano can cause Histoplasma capsulatum, which makes humans susceptible to acute and chronic lung disease.

The cleanup must also be performed diligently because the bats will feel welcomed to return with any odors left behind.

And remember, if the bat exclusion services were correctly done, they would not be able to enter; however, if not done right, here they come again.


Bat Infestation Dangers

Bats, unlike other nuisance wildlife animals, are not asymptomatic carriers of rabies. However, with rabies being a vital public health hazard, it must always be a consideration. Therefore, every possible exposure or bat bite must be considered for rabies.

Bat poop, otherwise referred to as guano, is dangerous. The removal of guano from any space should only be performed by a professional. Bat poop contains the Histoplasma capsulate fungus, which can cause Histoplasmosis in humans, a severe lung infection.

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