Bird Removal

The most common birds found in Ohio are the Northern Cardinal, American Robin, Blue Jay, Mourning Dove, Song Sparrow, House Sparrow, Woodpeckers, European Starling and American Crows.

To many of us, all of these names sound so beautiful as many of these birds are; however, are you aware that they can cause harm and be dangerous? They can carry hundreds of strains of bacteria, fleas, ticks, parasites, and more. Below we will provide you with more information regarding the diseases they can transmit.

Not only are birds hazardous to our health, but they are also known to cause millions of dollars of property damage every year by nesting in exhaust vents, on rooftops, ledges, cornices, and other building structures.

Now that you know a bit more about birds and their hazards let’s talk about removing them.

Birds Entering Your Property

Are you hearing a drumming sound coming from your home’s siding? Do you see holes? If so, a woodpecker is proclaiming this territory to attract a mate. These nesting holes are generally built during their breeding season between late April and May. When evicting woodpeckers, it is best not to do it during these months.

Another example of a bird that will cause damage and are a health risk are Starlings. Their nests and droppings deface buildings and interfere with air vents. They are a health hazard to livestock, eat fruit crops, and are a host to bird mites. 

Controlling The Bird Population

There are several bird removal and control methods that are vital to achieving a successful outcome. Below is a list of a few methods that can be used.

  • Eliminate all food sources.
  • Install deterrents such as gel pucks, bird netting, spikes, wire, flat tracks, slopes, and slides.
  • Lastly, make sure all waste is removed and thoroughly cleaned.

Bird Services In A Nutshell

The Critter Detectives take a humane approach to remove and relocating birds that are invading your property.

Their droppings and nesting materials need to be removed.

The uric acid in their fecal matter that is highly corrosive has eaten away your building structures, causing severe damage. This needs to be cleaned up and repaired.

And last but not least, it’s time to highly consider prevention and finding a solution to keep the birds away for good.

The Critter Detective is here to provide you with all of the necessary bird services for the removal, clean-up, control, and prevention.

We are a full-service bird removal company that can handle all types of birds found throughout the communities in Ohio.

bird removal

Health Hazards Associated With Birds

Birds can carry and spread diseases to humans and livestock through their droppings. They can transmit ornithosis, encephalitis, cryptococcosis, toxoplasmosis, salmonella poisoning, to name a few.

  • Ornithosis is a disease caused by inhaling dust from birds’ feathers and their droppings. The bacteria can cause flu-like symptoms. In severe cases, pneumonia can develop. In rare instances, myocarditis (inflammation of the heart muscle ) or encephalitis (inflammation of the brain) can happen.
  • Cryptococcosis is a fungus from bird droppings. The infection mostly develops in immune-compromised people, like those with HIV. However, occasionally perfectly healthy people can be infected. It causes coughing, fever, and shortness of breath. It can lead to pneumonia, and skin lesions can also occur.
  • Toxoplasmosis is caused by a parasite birds can carry. This can be deadly for women who are in the early months of pregnancy and people with a compromised immune system.
  • When birds come in contact with fecal matter, they can transmit salmonella bacteria. Ensure your safety by keeping your wild bird feeders clean.

Like bats, their manure can harbor the airborne spores that can lead to histoplasmosis, a fungus disease that affects humans’ lungs.

Ectoparasites, organisms that live on the skin of a host, can live on birds. Various species of these ectoparasites include fleas, ticks, mites, and other biting insects. These species are a health hazard.


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