Williamsburg Junior Athletic Association

On October 9, 1980 it was decided to incorporate and end up being Williamsburg Junior Athletic Association. This was likewise the date that Girls Softball was contributed to the WJAA umbrella. Until that time Knothole baseball and girls softball had operated under completely separate programs. It was felt that all our kids would benefit if we worked together. Tom Lefker was called to be the 1st President of WJAA. Till that time there were just 3 fields teams played on. They lay next to the High School Football field. Williamsburg Ohio Information.

In 2005, Tracy Coffey was chosen as the first woman President of WJAA she worked as President up until November of 2007. In 2007 the 2nd generation of parents, the kids who dipped into WJAA throughout it’s infancy, took the reigns as Tom Lefker’s son Scott Lefker ended up being President. It was under Scott’s Leadership and the assistance of a board that consisted of David Hollins and Tina Speeg who served on the board for nearly 10 years each and contributed a lot to the development of the company, WJAA included covered dugouts to all 7 ball park. It was also under Scott that Jamie Gilvin took control of as Field Manager looking after our fields as he still does today.

By 2013 our board included a President Jeff Cummins (who’s mother was the original WJAA treasurer) and Vice President Brandon Lindsey. They played together on among the first ever WJAA Soccer teams! Remarkable how time proceeds.

It needs to be noted that in September of 2015 Duke Energy with the suggestion of Austin Bickett selected WJAA for a community outreach project that offered us with about $20,000 worth of work, parking lot lighting and fence repair in one day.In June of 2014 WJAA started a new fundraising custom with the start of an Adult Co-Ed Kickball Tournament. On November 13th of 2015 WJAA was talented 3 lots on the corner of Santa Barbara Dr and Old State Rt 32 that surrounded the existing WJAA property.


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