Wildlife Removal Services

Critter Detective LLC is a full service wildlife control company servicing Cincinnati Ohio and the surrounding areas of Clermont, Butler, Warren and Hamilton County, OH offering humane animal removal, cleanup, animal damage repairs and wildlife exclusion to prevent future animals from making a home.


Are you in need of emergency wildlife removal services? Use our emergency hotline now!


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Welcome To Critter Detective

The Critter Detective LLC, in Ohio, is a full-service nuisance wildlife animal removal control company. We are a goal-oriented service-based company. Our number 1 goal is customer satisfaction. With over 15 years of wildlife removal, control, and management services, we are the right choice for you!

Permanent Removal

Permanent removal is crucial for the health and safety of humans and their pets.

Licensed & Insured

We keep up to date with the required vital protection plans and documents.

Service Warranty

Removal, repairs, and preventative actions warrantied.

Veteran Owned

As a veteran, our core values include integrity, sound judgment, and enthusiasm.

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Wildlife Animals We Remove and Control

Wildlife animals all over, including Ohio, are considered nuisance animals that often occupy our residential, commercial, and industrial properties. They can cause extensive damage as well as spread diseases. They must be safely and humanely removed and controlled.


"The whole process couldn't have been any easier. He came out the day we called him and assessed the situation, gave us a price immediately and we got our squirrel problem taken care of quickly. Erik was professional throughout every step of the process. We definitely recommend this company."


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