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Critter Detective LLC is a full service wildlife control company servicing the Clermont, Butler, Warren and Hamilton County Ohio areas offering humane animal removal, cleanup, damage repairs and wildlife exclusion to prevent future animals from making a home.



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Critter Detective LLC is a full service nuisance wildlife animal removal control company. We are a goal oriented service based company. Our number 1 goal is customer satisfaction. We are a solution based company meaning not only will we remive your unwanted critters, but we also offer warrantied repairs to stop entry, and after proper assessment, offer warrantied preventative repairs so you dont have to deal with issues like this again. We are a veteran owned and operated company. Not only are we licensed, but expert trained with more than 15 years experience combined. Some of our core values include integrity, great judgement, and enthusiasm.

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Ohio Animals Removed

No matter what your animal removal needs are, we can handle it. Bats in the attic, skunks under a shed, maybe raccoons and squirrels are tearing up your attic insulation. Regardless of the issue, we will handle it!

Our company offers services in numerous areas, including Cincinnati, OH, Indian Hill, OH, Loveland, OH, and West Chester, OH.    


Squirrels are never found far from the shelter provided by trees. They are opportunistic foragers feeding on acorns, nuts, fruits, berries, corn, fungi, flower bulbs, and bird seed. They readily adapt to suburban and urban areas.


Groundhogs, also known as woodchucks, usually are viewed as a nuisance animal for homeowners and farmers. The major problems that they cause are the large holes they dig and the damage that occurs from this animal. Their holes can be 8-12 inches in size.


Skunks often cause damage to property other than just  raiding garbage or eating pet food.  Skunks are known for their ability to spray musk when threatened. They can spray with great accuracy up to 15 feet.


Raccoons are well adapted to urban living. Raccoon damage typically involves raiding gardens, upsetting trash cans and taking up residence in chimneys, attics or other unwanted areas. Control is not difficult, but requires persistence.


The coyote is generally a slender animal, very similar in appearance to a medium-sized dog and smaller than a wolf, a species not found in Ohio. Coyotes are most active at dawn and dusk, but may be seen frequently throughout the day.


There are 10 bat species commonly found in Ohio and they are all insectivores, meaning they eat insects. Bats are usually able to exist near human homes without making their presence known.

Our top 24 services

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  6. animal removal Cincinnati Ohio
  7. bat removal Indian Hill Ohio
  8. raccoon removal Indian Hill Ohio
  9. squirrel removal Indian Hill Ohio
  10. skunk removal Indian Hill Ohio
  11. wildlife control Indian Hill Ohio
  12. animal removal Indian Hill Ohio
  13. bat removal Loveland Ohio
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  15. squirrel removal Loveland Ohio
  16. skunk removal Loveland Ohio
  17. wildlife control Loveland Ohio
  18. animal removal Loveland Ohio
  19. bat removal West Chester Ohio
  20. raccoon removal West Chester Ohio
  21. squirrel removal West Chester Ohio
  22. skunk removal West Chester Ohio
  23. wildlife control West Chester Ohio
  24. animal removal West Chester Ohio

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