Be vigilant for the nuisance animal

A local Ohio woman says her small dog was attacked by two coyotes in her own backyard recently. A wildlife expert from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources says that coyotes in this area are not uncommon but an attack on pets is pretty rare. Coyotes are most active during dusk and dawn, but there are things that will help keep them away, such as not leaving pet food in your yard. Local officials have offered tips on what to do should you encounter a coyote.

There have also been several coyote sightings in other Ohio neighborhoods. Although, there have been no reported issues due to the animal. All 88 Ohio counties have coyotes and that includes every city, suburb and rural area. Coyotes pose a very small threat to humans, but there are things you can do to make them feel uncomfortable and not want to come back into your yard or street.

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Coyotes attack small dog in Beavercreek

A woman said two coyotes went after her small dog in their yard in Beavercreek.

The Yorkshire terrier survived, but now Meeko is recovering from deep cuts and missing patches of fur after the incident.

“All we did was turn around for 60 seconds and the next thing we knew Meeko had just come sprinting up the back patio and slammed into the back door and was just crying,” her owner Meghan McKinney said. “She has two bite marks, one on the front half of her, one on the back half of her” in addition to a scratch on her back. Read more

Summary: A local woman in Beavercreek said two coyotes attacked her small dog recently. The dog was in her backyard when the coyotes approached it and started attacking.

Coyote spottings reported

There have been several coyote spottings in the Grandview Heights, Marble Cliff area recently.

There have been no reported issues with the coyote(s), and wildlife experts say this is normal.

“All 88 counties in Ohio have [coyotes], and pretty much every city, suburb, all those particular places have coyotes in them as well,” explained Franklin County State Wildlife Officer Brad Kiger. Learn more

Summary: Coyotes have been spotted recently in a few Ohio neighborhoods. No reported issues have come from the animal but officials urge residents to be vigilant and protect their pets.

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