Do Fake Owls Scare Squirrels?

Do Fake Owls Scare Squirrels?

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Does Hanging an Owl Decoy Scare Away Squirrels?

Squirrels may look adorable, yet to a lot of garden enthusiasts and home owners they can be pests. The most troublesome situation is when squirrels set up nests in the attics of houses where they can chew electrical wiring. In the yard they can chew out plants and collect seeds. Other gardeners are worried about squirrels taking nuts and seeds left out for the birds.

If the squirrels are stuffing themselves on your birdfeeders, you have most likely seen it over and over and know it’s a problem. If you hear scratching, rustling, or clicking type of sounds in your attic or roof, or see indications of droppings, there’s a great chance you have an infestation. Prevention is best, so using deterrents to keep squirrels out of your attic is a wise idea. Squirrels can not only spread out harmful diseases to both pets and humans but can likewise destroy electric components and insulation in your house. Squirrels are rats with front incisor teeth that never quit growing. For help with detering pests read more about professional squirrel removal service OH.

Owl Decoys

So do fake owls scare squirrels away? An owl decoy in the yard will hinder squirrels, as owls normally prey on squirrels. You will have to move the decoy around often so the squirrels will not get used to its existence. The major problem with this is that owls also prey on other birds, so a hanging owl may likewise stop other birds from nesting and feeding in the garden.

Bird Feeders

A range of squirrel-proof bird feeders and squirrel-proofing sets are available from garden centers that will certainly still permit birds to feed in your yard. This is not an instant fix, but as soon as the squirrels realize that they can not get to the food in the garden they will soon transfer elsewhere.


You can get squirrel repellents at stores or make them at home and spray them around the yard or add to the bird feed. These do not harm the birds, but will repel squirrels and other rodents. The homemade varieties include mixing cayenne peppers, chilies and water. The capsaicin in the peppers puts off the squirrels. You can also make use of the homemade variety in attic spaces to stop squirrels nesting. Store repellents are normally derived from fox pee, that makes squirrels believe a predator is in the area.


Motion activated sprinklers are a great way of stopping squirrels from accessing flowers and veggies in the garden. The motion sensing unit spots movement in the garden and activates the sprinklers at an ideal time. This will prevent squirrels and any other land-based animals in the yard.

Other Measures

The actions pointed out above are a good area to begin to stop squirrels in the garden, but will certainly not work if they make a decision to nest in the attic. Make sure branches of trees are cut back away from the house and all openings in the roof are covered before mating season in the spring.

Using a fake owl to scare away squirrels has actually been a technique used for a very long time. It’s meant to trick squirrels into believing there’s a predator nearby. But exactly how well does it function? Are squirrels scared away at the sight of a fake owl?

Squirrels have some senses that function much better than others. Their hearing is so good that the sound of a big bird’s wings beating against the air can send a squirrel leaping right into a nearby tree and running for cover. Squirrels also see motion very well also. If a bird’s shadow zooms across the ground near a squirrel, he’ll quickly turn and dart up a tree. But stationary things, are hard for squirrels to identify.

A typical squirrel will most probably ignore a plastic owl set on a roof or fencing post. Actual owl’s are very much knowledgeable about this drawback and as a result will sit high up in a tree or on top of a telephone pole in the early evenings, prior to sundown, seeking innocent victim such as squirrels.

In one experiment, pieces of bread were thrown to squirrels in a park. The squirrels had the ability to visually follow the path of each piece of bread as it flew from hand to ground. The squirrels were observed moving their heads obviously watching where the bread was going. When the bread came to rest on the ground, however, the squirrels no longer saw it and rather relied upon their sense of smell to discover each piece. They would smell around in the grass until they located the bread and would then pick it up and eat it. This experiment showed an ability to see movement well but not fixed objects.

In general utilizing a fake owl to frighten away squirrels will certainly have limited to no success. Should you decide to do your own experiments, some people have had success with the fake owls which turn its head and make owl sounds.

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