What Smells Do Squirrels Hate?

What Smells Do Squirrels Hate?

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A List of Smells Squirrels Hate

Squirrels can be lovable, however they can also be major pests, wreaking havoc in gardens and eating almost everthing in sight. If you wish to keep the frustrating rodents far from your property, you can often repel them by using different smells they intensely dislike.

With a fondness for fresh fruits, veggies, and flowers, the common squirrel has spelled trouble for home garden enthusiasts. From Maine to Montana, these crafty pests yank geraniums from window boxes, pluck cherry tomatoes from their vines, and strip apple trees like expert pickers. Though their foraging forays can occur any time of year, a squirrel’s raid in fall can drive a gardener nuts. When getting rid of pests we highly recommend a professional Ohio squirrel control service.

Squirrels are especially active in fall as they stock up for wintertime. They do not hibernate (although they may “lie low” through cold snaps), so their underground storage are essential winter warehouses. They have a strong instinct for hoarding food, which helps them to endure. Gray squirrels stow away food by hiding it in a scattered fashion around their territory.

North America is home to a number of different types of squirrels, it is the suburb-savvy grey squirrel, Sciurus carolinensis, that provides garden enthusiasts (and individuals who feed birds) the most pain. How do these smart animals locate bulbs, anyway? Why do they ransack some boundaries and leave others alone? What do squirrels consume?

The ordinary squirrel collects acorns, pinecones, nuts, bark, fruit, berries, fungis, and bugs, but is not above taking bird eggs and bulbs. Often they will also destroy your blossoms just for the fun of it! Keep an eye out for these pesky visitors and try a few of our pointers below.

Cider Vinegar

Squirrels object to the scent of cider vinegar, according to the Humane Society of the United States. Due to that, cider vinegar can be very effective for maintaining squirrels at bay. Merely immersing towels in cider vinegar and place them in key parts of your home, such as the attic. You’ll require to change the cloths with brand-new ones whenever they lose their potency.

Spicy Odors

“Hot” and “spicy” scents can be practical for preventing squirrels. Squirrels simply do not like them. White pepper and cayenne scents frequently inhibit squirrels. Squirrels likewise do not like garlic and black pepper smells.

Distinctive Smell of Mothballs

The aroma of mothballs may make lots of human beings feel nostalgic for visits to Grandma’s house, however squirrels dislike the fragrance. Drive away squirrels by merely placing mothballs beside your plants or in problem areas, such as the attic.

Skunk-Like Smells

Squirrels, not unlike human beings, aren’t also fond of skunk-like smells. While you could not have the ability to bottle up the familiar smell of skunk to drive them out, you can depend on crown imperials as a substitute. The entire plant has an odor that’s reminiscent of skunks, so they hinder squirrels, according to Marjorie Harris, author of “Ecological Gardening.” These plants prosper in the United States Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 5 through 8. Since the skunky smell is so strong, crown imperials can be very efficient for preventing squirrels from relatively far away– think several feet. Crown royal bulbs can usually be purchased conveniently at lots of local garden centers.

Animal Urine

Squirrels dislike things that smell like animal pee, especially animals that prey on them. If a squirrel smells something that reminds them of pee from a predator, it may assume that something treacherous is just around the corner, and it will certainly attempt to avoid the area.

Plant Mint to Repel Squirrels

Squirrels dislike the fragrance of mint, so plant mint (which grows easily) around gardens and trees that squirrels like to frequent. It smells wonderful (at the very least, to you) and you can even pick it and use it in beverages like iced tea and mojitos.

To drive away a squirrel, a repellent that functions via irritability or a taste-based repellent is best. Furthermore, due to the fact that squirrels are so tenacious, it is strongly advised to make use of both fluid and granular repellents to make your yard as uninvited as possible.

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