West Chester Squirrel Removal and Control Services

West Chester Squirrel Removal and Control Services

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West Chester Squirrel Removal and Control Services, Ohio

Are you looking for West Chester squirrel removal? If you are dealing with a squirrel problem, it is essential to hire the best company to provide the West Chester squirrel removal services. Below we explain why it’s important.

In the meantime, we would like to tell you a bit about our company. We are wildlife control experts who understand squirrels’ behavior, biology, and habits. For example, we know that squirrels make their way into your attic because they are looking for a safe place to birth and raise their young.

Our animal removal experts know that the presence of babies is essential before tacking a removal. If there are baby squirrels in the attic and only the mother is removed, once the babies are big enough, there you go; you will have a squirrel problem again.

West Chester, OH Squirrel Trapping Experts

We understand how to remove wild animals in a safe way so that neither any of us nor the animals are injured. Though not generally the case, squirrels can become aggressive when they feel threatened, when a mother is protecting her young, or when their food source has been removed.

Our expert squirrel removal team knows how to avoid these situations for their safety and for the animal as well. We provide removal, exclusion, and deodorization processes so that you can be rid of your squirrel problem for good.

Many people do not realize that the need for deodorizing and sanitizing, is vital also. It is always possible that one of the squirrels may die in the attic or in the walls. This can lead to a horrible odor, bacteria, and the attraction of insects and other types of pests.

Nuisance Squirrel Damages

Squirrels chew continuously in order to hone their teeth and keep them healthy. This need to incessantly chew can create severe damage within your home and outside. They will chew pretty much on anything including wood, ductwork, pipes, wires, or anything else they can get their tiny mouths around.

The damage that they can do by chewing alone, can cause plumbing and heating issues and even start a fire.

Aside from chewing, squirrels’ can cause structural damage to buildings. Since they are nest builders, insulation is easily damaged, which can be costly to fix, let alone the loss of energy resulting in an increase in utility bills.

Squirrels also leave their feces and urine around which can lead to a disgusting odor and even health issues.

West Chester Squirrel Removal and Control Services

Trapping Vs Repellents For The Removal Of Nuisance Squirrels

Now let us discuss repellents. They simply do not work! So many people try to take care of their squirrel infestations by using things like strobe lights, urine-based repellents, and ultrasonic noise emitters to no avail.

The process for effectively solving your squirrel problem is removal (via trapping), exclusion, and habitat modification. Our team of squirrel removal experts will employ various methods to get the animals out of the attic or space they now found to be their home, including setting traps and using one-way doors and tunnels. These doors are small devices that are placed over the entry points. They are made to allow the wild animal to leave but not get back in.

This is not always a long-term solution because they can return and try to chew through the doors and other structures that are not secured. This is just 1 phase of the removal process.

Once our experts are confident that the wild animals have been removed from the attic or other area, we will walk you through the exclusion process. Exclusion is the assessment, identification, and repair of the weak points of the structure that allow the squirrels to gain access to the attic or other areas. This is a vital part of the process; our team has removed the animals correctly, so now we need to ensure that they will not return.

Squirrel Damage Repair and Cleanup Solutions

Once the squirrels are gone and all of their possible entry points have been repaired and sealed, it’s time to clean up what they have left behind; urine, feces, hair, oils, nesting materials, and food. Cleaning up all of these remnants is vital. If not done the right way, the odor left behind will attract other pests. Also, the biological material, such as feces, and urine, can lead to possible diseases like Leptospirosis or Salmonella.

The Clean-Up Process

All biological waste will be vacuumed, and the matted insulation will be removed. Next, we use enzyme-based cleaners to deodorize and disinfect the areas. After, we can repair any damage to pipes, wiring, and ductwork that the squirrels have caused. Our West Chester squirrel removal experts in Ohio can handle the entire process from beginning to end. When we leave, you can rest assured that the squirrels are gone and will not be coming back.

More than 75 percent of the U.S. population lives in urban areas. While the growth of cities and subdivisions displaces some wildlife, many species continue to live in the habitat available in parks, undeveloped parcels of land, and vacant lots, along the stream and river corridors, and in our backyards. Their presence can provide recreational and educational viewing opportunities. Viewing wildlife in the backyard is exciting for many people, especially children. People and wildlife can peacefully coexist in most situations. However, there may be times when conflicts arise.

Get Help With Your West Chester Squirrel Removal and Control

Get in touch with Critter Detective today. All of our wild animal control experts are licensed by the state of Ohio and adhere to the Ohio state administrative code 1501:31-15-03.

We not only offer the thirteen townships of Butler County, Ohio including West Chester squirrel removal and control, but we also service the many surrounding counties.